10 in a Row – Introducing The Friday Quiz on The Celtic Star

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THE CELTIC STAR today launches our new Friday quiz and this week the questions have been set by David Potter.

We recently had a 17 question trial quiz all about Celtic’s wins in the League Cup dating back to the 1950s – there was one question about each time we have won that competition. It was pretty tough.

We reckoned we might get around 100 people entering so were astonished that 951 of you tried your luck. Congratulations if you got a perfect 17/17 – those were few and far between! If you want to go back and try your luck on that League Cup quiz – see HERE – have a go after you try the new one.

Simply click on the book cover to order!

Celtic historian and author and valued contributor to The Celtic Star, David Potter, has just released his latest book, titled Celtic – How the League was Won 49 Times – so we are going for 50 this season as well as 8IAR! David has set 10 multiple choice questions for you to fire through and hopefully the perfect score count will go through the roof this time around. No cheating mind, we’ll leave that to THEM.

If you want to order a copy of David’s new book head over to The Celtic Star Bookstore and you’ll so get a copy of That Season in Paradise which is signed by none other than Bertie Auld!

Good luck with the new quiz! The answers will appear at the end.

Welcome to your 10 in a Row - The Friday Quiz on The Celtic Star

CELTIC historian and author David Potter has just released his latest book on Celtic's 49 League Championship wins. He's also set a wee ten in a row quiz for you to try. If you know your history, you'll sail through these and get 10/10. If you get a few wrong, perhaps it's worth brushing up on your Celtic knowledge by ordering a copy of David's book which is titled Celtic - How the League was won 49 Times. You can order a copy at The Celtic Star Bookstore and you will also receive a copy of That Season in Paradise signed by none other than Bertie Auld!

Good luck!


In which year did Celtic win the Scottish League for the first time?



What was the Celtic star, Jimmy McMenemy's nickname?


Which Celtic star has scored most league goals in Celtic's unbroken history?


Who was Celtic's captain when they won the League in 1954?


On what away ground did Celtic win the League in 1967?


In 1968 Celtic won the League when Rangers lost to Aberdeen at Ibrox. Where were Celtic that day?


In 1975/76 Jock Stein was recovering from a car crash. Who was in charge of the Celtic team while Jock recovered?



Who was the player sent off on the night that "ten men won the League" in May 1979?



On the day that Dundee beat Hearts 2-0 in May 1986, where were Celtic playing?



Other than Celtic Park itself, on what ground have Celtic won the Scottish League three times in the 21st Century? 


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