“A brilliant addition” – These Celtic fans want former player back at the club as a coach after impressive punditry

Sky haven’t really covered themselves in glory when it’s come to picking their pundits for Scottish football in recent years.

It does feel like they think it’s enough that a former player is in the studio and the coverage is fairly poor, so it was a breath of fresh air to see Shaun Maloney on the coverage today.

Even if you don’t agree with every point that he made, he spoke well and actually gave some opinions and facts to back up any points that he wanted to make rather than simply trying to shout louder than anyone else in the studio and thinking that’s enough.

He also showed some good tactical knowledge and you come away from his punditry feeling like you’ve learned something about the game we’re about to watch, so it would be good to see him on a regular basis.

He currently works for Belgium as a coach and it’s clear that he’s highly regarded in that role, so there are some fans who are even calling for him to return to the club in some capacity after being impressed by him today:

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