A Collection Of Hugh Keevins’ Incorrect Celtic Doomsday Predictions

When compiling an article such as this, which looks at the incorrect doomsday predictions made against Celtic by Hugh Keevins, I could go all the way back to the 1990s. It was back then that Hugh set a trend by mocking Celtic’s decision to sign Lubomir Moravcik and hand him a debut against Rangers. Celtic won the game 5-1. Lubo scored twice. It was the first of many ridiculously wrong calls that Hugh would make against Celtic.

To avoid this article being extremely long, I will just focus on Keevins’ slabberings against the Hoops this season. Each time he has ended up with egg on his face as the team managed by Ange, which Keevins famously said stands for “absolutely not good enough”, have found the required answers as they always do.

The definition of a pundit is ‘an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public.’ To be an expert, one would expect you to make lots of correct calls from a well informed position, with the odd call being wrong because football is a funny old game. To be well informed about games concerning Celtic, one would know that the Hoops have scored 25 of their 93 league goals this season after the 75th minute and 22 in the last nine minutes in all competitions. A pundit should also know that a game with numerous VAR calls is likely to have a significant amount of injury time added, meaning that there is more time left in the game to score than simply the normal time of 90 minutes.

With the above in mind, it is strange why an ‘expert in a particular field or subject’ overlooked the above yesterday, as Hugh Keevins boldly stated: “This could be a strange moment in the title race (what race?), Celtic dropping two points at home to ten men. 27, 28 chances or whatever. They look unconvincing and misfiring. Celtic really do look as if they could go on all day and not score.” Oh scored and Hugh Keevins was mocked by his colleagues as he was proven wrong once again. Celtic then added another goal to defeat Hibs 3-1.

In the New Year’s Derby draw at Ibrox, big Shug condemned us to a defeat 30 seconds before Kyogo scored the equaliser. A delightful on air clanger again.

Back in December, Keevins performed his pundit duties to perfection again as Celtic beat Aberdeen 1-0 with a late goal at Pittodrie. With 10 minutes of normal time to go, he boldly said that it was a “wreck of an afternoon” for the Hoops and that “their fear should be an Aberdeen goal.”

This game took place at a time when he had already mocked Celtic’s defending against St Johnstone and Dundee United, before the Bhoys came back to seal the points. He admitted then that “this is now a practised tactic by this Celtic team”. Therefore, you’d think he would have learnt to keep his counsel moving forward. It was not to be…

Keevins condemned Celtic to a draw against Dundee United back in November. Strangely, before the full time whistle had gone he started declaring the result at Celtic Park as good news for the Rangers manager in the past tense, as if the game was over. He soon had to backtrack.

In October, a gleeful Hugh Keevins wasn’t even given the time to finish his Celtic-bashing statement as Giorgos Giakoumakis silenced him with the winning goal. Despite Celtic being the league’s top scorers and having the best defensive record, at the time as well as now, the pundit launched an ill informed tirade: “Celtic’s season is imploding. This will be one win in six now for Celtic and they only have themselves to blame. They had all manner of chances, they can’t score at one end and they can’t defend at the other end and that’s a lethal cocktail…”

At least he was right about the imploding part. I mean Celtic have gone on to lift the League Cup and earn a 9 point lead at the top of the table (he predicted Rangers would win the title), with a Scottish Cup semi final to play.

Wonderful stuff from the ever reliable Hugh. He is having a magnificent season as ‘an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public’.

I will be placing in play bets on the opposite outcome to that which he predicts when Celtic are playing, and look forward to becoming a millionaire by the end of the season.


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  1. Jim O'Rourke on

    They are willing to say anything that will give the other mob’s fans a slight glimmer of hope so they keep listening to their drivel.

    • Maybe a bit biased as I am very, very distantly related to Mr Keevins but if you look at a few Celtic fan websites there would be plenty of Celtic fans saying similar things at those points in those games! Certainly I thought that we had dropped a couple of points when St Johnstone got that late equaliser! Still good fun listening to it though!