“A good display from our team, we should be proud of them,” David Potter

Almondvale is a trim little ground, and Livingston are a team that I have always admired, particularly given their minimal fan base. One’s sympathy evaporated a little when one saw that they were wanting £30 per ticket, but I hope they continue to survive in the Scottish Premiership.

Photo for The Celtic Star by Vagelis Georgariou

That said, there are at least four things that they might be taken to task for;

1. The lack of chip vans near their ground

2. The appalling slowness of their own catering services who are clearly not used to a big crowd.

3. The quaint system of seat numbering. My number was H 71. On either side of me was H 67 and H 69! A wee bit odd!

4. There were some fans who saw a bit of the pitch from their corner outside the ground. Would it not have been possible, at half time say, for them to be offered a seat in the empty rows at the front of the Main Stand. It would have been good public relations, and one of the conditions might have been that the Celtic fans removed their colours and promised to behave, but a little joined up thinking would not have gone amiss, don’t you think?

Photo for The Celtic Star by Vagelis Georgariou

But to the game. Once again a fine Celtic performance in a game that I never felt that we were in the slightest danger of defeat. The goals were all well taken, and both the first and the second showed the value of having a shot, which is what the supporters always want rather than plastering about with the ball. And the third goal was simply a sublime piece of football, and how nice it is to see Jota back! All in all, a good display of football from our team, and we should be proud of them!

Two things though…

1. Giakoumakis, admirable player though he is in other respects, is not the best penalty taker. and he has a particular propensity to do badly against Livingston. Fortunately, it didn’t really matter, and it was even a laughable anti-climax to the VAR controversy!

2. Moritz Jenz would do well to keep his hands off opponents. One of those days a referee or a VAR is going to give a penalty against him, and it is so unnecessary!

This brings me back again to Willie Collum. I don’t think he is particularly pro or anti Celtic, but he is a publicity addict who enjoys controversy. Other referees will take the easy way out; Willie will go for the more difficult decision, just for a bit of the limelight. There were many things today that he could have left well alone, but Willie Collum is Willie Collum and the game was on TV! Celtic must allow for this in future games involving Mr Collum!

Photo for The Celtic Star by Vagelis Georgariou

But a valuable three points. Now we are off to Sunny Spain for a pleasant friendly, we hope, and then three games – Dundee United at home, Motherwell away and Ross County at home before some of us are off to even sunnier and richer Qatar. The three League games are vital, though, and nothing less than nine points will do!

David Potter

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I am Celtic author and historian and write for The Celtic Star. I live in Kirkcaldy and have followed Celtic all my life, having seen them first at Dundee in March 1958. I am a retired teacher and my other interests are cricket, drama and the poetry of Robert Burns.

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