A wee whinge-fur a change – Desmond’s fools gold fools faithful

Well, I’d like to say I saw this coming, but I was wrong. On a previous blog I speculated that Celtic would get it right and supply the manager with the tools of the trade to build his Ark. They didn’t. And now the floodwaters are rising, and ‘Noah’ Rodgers has been left up the creek without a first-class paddle!

When the supplicant put his hands up to Celtic’s ‘god’, Desmond Dermot, he was summarily denied, and as a result, the fools gold we were promised has fooled us all. The billionaire had other priorities to be fair to him; he was playing golf right up to the deadline hour with fellow-Irishman, Rory McIlroy.

Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers was scrambling about with multiple phones to his ear in a bid to achieve his desirable, Snatch of the Day and accomplish his mission to bring in four TOP CLASS players. This was not to satiate his legendary ego, but to fortify a crumbling vessel which is in serious danger of floundering and with it, sixty-million Champions League quid!

The Ark-itect didn’t get four. He didn’t get two. No left-back and no TOP CLASS striker. Instead, he got another hopeful winger and a third-choice Championship exile from Norwich. But… he’s Irish, so that’s Ok. The fans will love him.

Perhaps, but with none of Brendan’s targets achieved, how does that look? I know how it feels; it feels like the paying customer who supply the Celtic Football Club board of directors with their luxury lifestyles have been sold down the river! The team has been weakened for the second transfer window in a row, and there’s absolutely no guarantee we will retain the Flag, never mind win the double.

I’ve heard it said, ‘people are complaining after winning all those trophies in recent years.’ I’ve also heard it said that ‘we won the vast majority when *Rangers imploded and died,’ leaving us with, in Kevin Bridges’ parlance, “a one-horse race!” But, that would be disingenuous to the other clubs whose whole squad would probably cost the price of one top Celt…

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This season we brought in players who hardly saw the light of day on the park and have discontented members whose career has more ups and downs than a New York bellhop. Marco Tilio got a mere sniff during a Champions league game and was promptly shipped all the way back to Australia!

I’m not saying he would have been good enough, I’m saying the same as the majority of players; he should not have been bought! How are these guys expected to embrace loyalty to the club when they are treated like this? Gus Lagerbielke anyone?

IF Nicolas Kuhn rips up the wing, and IF Adam Idah proves that the Scottish Premiership is inferior to the Championship down south with some sterling performances in front of goal, THEN we may see light at the end of a currently very dark tunnel.

When Reo Hatate and Matt O’Riley surely depart Parkhead’s shores, theirs will be huge boots to fill, and IF Celtic implode courtesy of this window and blow the Title and the cash, their replacements may be as inferior as the ones we have purchased recently.

IF that happens, there will be no hiding place for the fats-cats in the heated Director’s Box. Things may indeed get a little frostier outside.

Eddie Murray


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Eddie Murray – I Grew up with the Lions, coming from a Celtic-daft family. Played against Jinky once! Paradise was my second home and Dalglish was my hero. A long term Brisbane Bhoy for many years and have been blogging here for many years. Written a book on Ange/ Brisbane Roar/ Celtic which awaits publication. Writing on other genres as I speak. Top moments? Interviewing Cesar, Wispy, Cairney, The Maestro, Alan Thompson.


  1. May get a little frostier???????
    It’s people like you that Lawwell loves and that’s not a compliment.
    I had genuine fears this window would finish like this, I was praying I’d be wrong, unfortunately I wasn’t.
    Lawwell and Rodgers don’t get on, it’s plain to see, yet Desmond leaves the big rat in charge of the cheese cupboard.
    Did DD choose to ignore these things? Is he asleep at the wheel?
    This is the worst window since these terms have been used, and it’ll be all down to our absentee landlord who must’ve promised Rodgers a few things that have been ignored by his pet puppy Lawwell and son!!!!!!

    • Hey Jas, I don’t see why this is the author’s fault here. What you say seems to back up what Eddie had written.
      Are you shooting the messenger for to frustration with Pistol Pete?

    • Scales played left back before,do job centre backs positions covered we just can’t buy players sit bench squad 2 big players had go,have rangers really strenthen not much,we’ve still got class in leauge.

      • January may be a difficult window but one just has to wonder wtf the recruitment team have been doing since the summer & BR stating that he needed 4 quality players.
        They should have been sounding out possibilities but obviously getting paid for doing sfa.

        • Am getting really tired of saying this the lawell family are a cancer on our club, and unfortunately Dermot Desmond and his family are parasites am fed up hearing Dermot is a Celtic man and Peter lawell loves Celtic JESUS WEPT would hate to think what they’d be like if they didn’t.

  2. I’m obviously missing something?, but this is the same s..t we’ve had for two decades( bar Ange 2windows), why do people keep thinking it will be different this time?, or that the fans will step up?.

  3. You said, ‘no hiding place’ and things ‘may get a little frostier’, I think that given the past 20 years, both these statements will prove unfounded, like every other time.
    Ps good article though👍.

  4. Patrick Cullen on

    DD needs to take more of an intrest in whats going on BR WILL WALK AGAIN if the Liewells are not brought to HEEL,money in the bank means more big bonuses , DD SORT THIS ASAP

  5. Martin Blackshaw on

    It’s a great article, very concise and straight to the point. The only bugbear I have is that I believe Brendan Rodgers is as culpable as the Lawwells and the Board. I hear it said all the time that Lawwell and Rodgers don’t get on, yet Rodgers quite frequently and happily presents himself in front of the media as an apologist for the clear betrayal of Lawwell and the Board.

    If Rodgers was any kind of a manager (or man) he would have set an ultimatum before Lawwell and the Board – quality players or I’m out of here – bearing in mind that it’s his reputation as a coach that’s on the line along with the title and access to all that Champions League cash. He hasn’t done anything like that, which makes me wonder if that relationship with Lawwell is as frosty as people believe.

    Well, that’s Hatate out for another 6-8 weeks and there are serious concerns about CCVs injury. Two of the best players for the team out for goodness knows how long and no one of similar substance to put in the place. Add to that the Greg Taylor injury and the signs for success this season are beginning to look ominous. Besides that, Rodgers himself has destroyed the dynamic of the team Ange built, to the extent that Kyogo is a shadow of his former goal-scoring self, so it looks bleak on all fronts.

    I don’t think Brendan Rodgers is picking the players Mark Lawwell is recruiting, which may explain why he hasn’t officially welcomed Adam Idah to Celtic. It reminds me of his last stint as manager when Marian Shved was recruited and Rodgers responsed to his arrival with “I have a hundred wingers”. It’s the same again this time around and Rodgers, who is not man enough to speak his true mind to the Board on recruitment, simply demonstrates his frustration by treating a newly-recruited young lad coldly. What a welcome for the boy, even if he is just another “project”.

    All in all, Rodgers is 100% as much to blame for this debacle as the Lawwells by reason of his cowardice before them and his acting as apologist on their behalf. He’s alright though with that huge salary their paying him. DD wanted him specifically because he is a yes man, albeit an expensive one. They couldn’t buy Ange and they couldn’t silence him either. He was master over all recruitment and no one dared tread on his toes. Reappointing Rodgers was a mistake for the fans and the club, but a well-worked strategy by DD and his lackies.

    • The most important thing at Celtic is the bottom line profit that’s why lawell there don’t listen to Rodgers about quality players he needs for what the piss poor spl and cl farce it’s all bull just profit.

  6. I’ll put my hand up and say that Idah is an improvement on Oh, he is a very good player, pace, strength, can find a pass and has a good work rate. I like the look of Kuhn to, pace to burn, good delivery into the box. We don’t need players with ego’s, we need players with a bit soul, the likes of Jota, O’reily, hatate. Both players will make the match day squad better.

  7. Rodgers career was in tatters and no doubt was offered the job on condition he doesn’t ask for players and be a good little lapdog.
    This is a joke! Desmond has no interest in the club other than to add to his wad of cash.
    The absolute contempt he has for the fans is plain to see.

  8. VictorDynamics on

    Wow Celtic have a good squad, the manager is content with the squad. You are all falling for SMSM narrative that Celtic are doomed. Celtic are top of the league, SMSM praising The Rangers signings two loans and a permanent all projects. Celtics two are deemed average,

    Dan Dermot Desmond doest take cash out of the club. None of you actually have a clue and just ramble a load of nonsense daily.

  9. Martin Blackshaw on

    Well, Victordynamics, the idiocy of your comment was exposed today in the hellish draw with Aberdeen while Rangers romped to a 3-0 win over Livingston.