Absolute Clown – Boyd embarrassing himself

Boyd embarrassing himself yet again…

We all know Kris Boyd lacks a bit in the intelligence department, and yesterday he showcased that yet again.

Boyd took a pop at Neil Lennon over his comments regarding theRangers chances of winning the title when it comes to ‘mentality’.

Neil quite rightly pointed out that the Ibrox side lack the experience of winning titles and it could hold them back when it comes down to the nitty gritty in the closing stages of the season.

20th August 2023; Rugby Park, Kilmarnock, Scotland: Scottish Viaplay Cup Football, Kilmarnock versus Celtic; Neil Lennon and Michael Stewart on Viaplay sports to preview the match

That’s Neil’s opinion and it’s a valid one at that. Celtic after all have won the last 11 of the 12 titles available. They have the experience, the talent and the know how to become champions, it’s that simple.

But Boyd trying to be cute as usual had a sly dig at Lennon. He said that Neil should know about a lack of mentality due to his part in our disastrous league campaign of 20/21.

Admittedly as we were abysmal that year, and Neil was mostly to blame, but how does that impact his right to give his opinion on the Rangers chances of winning the title this year?

Photo: Jeff Holmes

Lennon after all has won every major honour as a player and manager in this country, a lot more than Boyd has achieved.

He’s won more as both a player and a manager than Boyd has ever done, fact.

Neil has the experience and wit to put his opinions across, while Boyd doesn’t and it showed as he made a fool of himself yet again.

The hordes will no doubt lap it up, but like Boyd they are too thick to see the reality.

If you are offered 11 titles triumphs from every dozen contested then you’d take that every day of the week.

And remember the one and only title that Celtic lost was when the Celtic supporters weren’t there. That also meant that they won it without their fans being there to see it happen.

Now imagine this doomsday scenario to illustrate how thick they are. Imagine they win at Ibrox against us and establish a lead in the title race.

By the time they come to Celtic Park after the split they know that a win guarantees them the title.

Every single one of them would be desperate for a ticket to see the biggest match in their short and disgraceful history – yet they will have no tickets at all because of their own narrow minds.

Clowns the lot of them and when you think about it Kris Boyd is their perfect cheerleader.

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