“Absolutely Brilliant,” Ghirls won title in a typically Celtic way, says Brendan Rodgers

In an exclusive interview with Celtic TV, Brendan Rodgers revealed his thoughts on Celtic FC Women’s historic Scottish Women’s Premier League title triumph.

The Celtic manager said: “I was so so happy and it wouldn’t matter if Celtic was playing tiddly-winks, we want Celtic to win. However, I was so honoured to be there and with my family with me.

“I thought the women played really really well. Their tactical idea in the game was very good. I really enjoyed the game because the women are so honest to the game. How they play, how they give everything and obviously knowing what the result was in the other game and knowing that we had to win it to be done in what is a typical Celtic way was absolutely brilliant. And could see everyone was celebrating and cheering.

“And obviously for Elena [Sadiku], her staff and the players, it was a real historical moment. So it was an absolutely brilliant weekend, capped off by the women’s win.”

And what a win it was. Celtic secured the women’s league title for the first time in history thanks to a 90th-minute goal from Amy Gallacher.

Elena spoke about Brendan’s support in a press conference after the game. She said: “I think since I’ve came here, the first day I got a message from Brendan, he’s an amazing guy, and obviously him being successful, I was really really happy with him because he’s had a tough year but he deserves it because he’s been a great person and a great manager throughout the whole season.

“It’s also nice because he always sends me messages since I’ve come here and obviously, he was here supporting. I also know that he became very happy when we scored! So, it means a lot for us as a club.”

Celtic are now the first club in history to have both the men’s and women’s team win the league in the same season. Writing history in more ways than one!

Watch Brendan’s interview with Celtic TV below…

And on Monday I spoke to Elena Sadiku in the Celtic Boardroom at Celtic Park with the SWPL1 trophy alongside the title winning Celtic FC Women manager. Watch that below…

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