Accounts confirm Celtic received £8.8m for Brenda as he sought return to mediocrity

It’s funny to see the English press absolutely drooling over Brendan Rodgers and his Leicester team just now. Things are going quite well, but it’s almost like they’ve totally forgotten about his history.

His teams always start well before starting to fade. It happened at Reading, Swansea, Liverpool and even at Celtic. It’s not clear if the opposition work out how to play against him or if his players just start to give up on him.

His smug faux-intelligent appearance and approach can’t last forever. Liverpool completely collapsed after a while and few would bet against it happening again.

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Leicester are doing well, but let’s not forget they’re a big distance away from the top of the league and the bigger teams are starting to sort themselves out. If Arsenal, Man United and Spurs sort themselves out then Leicester will be headed straight back for mid table irrelevancy.

Time will tell if he actually manages to break his regular cycle and goes on to be a long term success down south. One thing for sure is Celtic managed to get a decent amount of compensation for him.

According to a report by Leicester Mercury, The Foxes paid a sum of £8.8m to take Rodgers and his management team from Glasgow.

Who would you rather spend the money on?

When you consider that Sky Sports reported that Celtic paid around £9m to sign Eddy from PSG, that sum for Rodgers looks like a brilliant piece of business from Celtic’s point of view.

Eddy will only go on to increase his value and make the club a giant profit. Rodgers has a history of fizzling out after two seasons. Let’s see in a couple of seasons who made the better investment.

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