Adam Idah – The Celtic support must give the Bhoy a chance

Idah signing reeks of desperation, but we’ve got to give the boy a chance…

Ireland’s Adam Idah celebrates scoring the opening goal from a penalty during the UEFA Euro 2024 group B qualification football match between Republic of Ireland and Netherlands at Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland on September 10, 2023. (Photo by PAUL FAITH / AFP) (Photo by PAUL FAITH/AFP via Getty Images)

Celtic look to be closing in on the loan signing of Norwich City and Republic of Ireland striker Adam Idah. With just two days of the transfer window left open, many Celtic Supporters reckon that it reeks of sheer desperation from the club. We’ve had a full month to add to our squad and the fact we’ve signed a guy whose career stats aren’t exactly inspiring tells its own story.

The support believes that recruitment team is guilty of incompetence, there can be no other word for it. However, and this is important to note, that is not the fault of Adam Idah. The youngster has unsurprisingly jumped at the chance to up sticks to Glasgow, in what he will view as a dream move, when it looked like he was going to Italy on loan at Serie A side Hellas Verona.

Sydney van Hooijdonk, who Celtic passed over, is undergoing a medical at Norwich today and assuming that’s fine then his loan move will be signed and that will in turn give the green light to Celtic to sign the 22 year-old Irish international striker, who has scored seven goals this season without getting many starts.

 Adam Idah of Norwich City celebrates after scoring during the Sky Bet Championship match between Bristol City and Norwich City at Ashton Gate on December 03, 2023. (Photo by Ryan Hiscott/Getty Images)

As you most probably already know,  the news that broke last night of his imminent arrival hasn’t gone down well with the Celtic supporters, but that is rather unfair on the 22 year old as he seems to have been judged before he’s even had any minutes on the field wearing the Hoops. That is unfair, and puts unnecessary pressure on the player before he’s even put pen to paper on any deal.

If Adam does sign, and it’s looking increasingly likely, then we must give him our full backing. He deserves the chance to prove himself. Who knows he might hit the ground running and turn out to be a great signing. Or of course he could prove to be another underwhelming one. No one knows, but what is certain is that we have to give him a fair chance to become a decent Celtic striker.

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    • I hate when people preach ‘give the player a chance’. If he signs for Celtic of course we will give him a chance! You can say you don’t rate a player but still be fully supportive of him when he plays for Celtic. It’s just opinions it doesn’t mean we are turning on him

  1. Angus Ferguson on

    A Celtic fan I lived in Norwich for 3 years and always kept in touch with what is happening there. Idah burst onto the scene with a hat trick , he is quick and strong but never been first choice. why ? He is the opposite of Kyogo and it could be a great success. When Cantwell went to Gers I felt if they got him going he would do ok, he seems to have done. The same with Idah – give him a chance.

  2. Martin Blackshaw on

    I was just reading his stats for goals scored during his time at Norwich – 2019/2024. He appears to have played 99 times over that period and scored 12 goals. How inspiring is that?? Meanwhile, Norwich City, having cleared out this unproductive “development player”, are in the process of signing Sydney van Hooijdonk, the striker who was tipped to join Celtic and wanted to come to Celtic.

    One thing that did pop out at me was that Adam Idah is a Republic of Ireland player. It all clicked then, the old Irish connection. I’m absolutely certain that Brendan Rodgers didn’t pick this guy, he’s been foisted on Celtic by Dermot Desmond, the man who is presently hoarding the cash he knows should be getting spent on quality signings for the club.

    I give up on Celtic, life is too short to spend it getting stressed over these money-hoarding manipulators who are driven solely by profit and big bonuses. If the league gets lost this season, as I now fear it will be, then any Celtic fan who continues to support this Board and its managerial lackies by purchasing season tickets or paying TV sport subscription fees deserves all that’s coming to them. There’s only one way to put these misers in their place and that’s to stop giving them your money. We’ll see how the season now pans out, but I hope Rodgers hangs his head in shame for his cowardice in not standing up to Lawwells of this world to demand what he knew he needed for the team and his own reputation. Losing the league will at least have the consolation of ridding the club of this empty vessel.