Adrian Durham’s latest desperate attempt for attention displays incredible hypocrisy with Celtic cheating claims

We all know that talk radio relies on a bit of controversy and the occasional delusional figure to attract some attention and get some people to listen to their show.

Sometimes a bit of manufactured news can be a bit entertaining and stir up some decent debate, but it can also spectacularly backfire and leave the perpetrator looking foolish.

A quick look on social media on any Scottish football story will always display the “farmers league” or “my granny could do better” comments from idiots who think it helps to make up for a complete lack of personality – only Adrian Durham seems to have adopted that stance in a “professional” sense.

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He will try and be “controversial” about Scottish football whenever he can, but his latest comments as reported by The Sun show he’s truly outdone himself this time.

The comments show he thinks Celtic cheated their way to the Betfred Cup final because they only pay a fraction of Fraser Forsters £90k per week salary. In all honesty you would be disappointed if a five year old Rangers fan couldn’t come up with a better excuse for losing the game, never mind a supposedly fully grown adult.


This level of cheating is unheard of….

The hypocrisy surrounding it is also fantastic. A report from HITC when Jermaine Defoe signed for Rangers quoted The Times in saying they were only paying half of his £130k Bournemouth salary. Defoe also played in the final and seems to have an even higher salary that his team can’t afford.

It must be tough when you have to completely sell your soul in the name of your job, but Durham has gone so far with this now he has no choice but to become even more ridiculous with every passing day.

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