Alex Thomson’s Tweet – Why Ibrox should be pictured alongside Celtic Park

Did you see Alex Thomson’s tweet this morning?

Thomson is the Chief Correspondent and Presenter on Channel 4 News and is best known as one of the few journalists from down south who took an interest in and provided reasonably accurate coverage of the financial scandal at Ibrox which resulted in Rangers FC being liquidated.

That of course was a Rangers matter and had nothing to do with Celtic, other than our club was cheated by both David Murray and Craig Whyte, the former operated a dodgy and ultimately unlawful tax scheme that allowed him to sign players – using undisclosed, hidden side letters – that Rangers would otherwise have been unable to afford and the latter through applying for and receiving via the Scottish FA a licence to play in European competition in season 2011-12 despite knowing that the club he had purchased for £1 had outstanding social taxes – we covered this yesterday in Thousandaire Craig Whyte – no friend of Celtic.

Let’s be clear. The story that Thomson is trailing on Twitter is about the historic child abuse in Scottish football and he uses an image of Celtic Park to achieve his Saturday morning objectives, he’s certainly got people speculating about his ‘Watch this space message” – have a read through the comments.

Is it a scoop about Celtic building the hotel and museum? Or maybe there’s a takeover in the offing? Maybe it’s related to the Manchester City news that broke last night and as a result of that Celtic PLC have had a u-turn and have decide to pursue corruption at the Scottish FA and seek recompense for the £10m plus that Craig Whyte and Co conned us out of in the 2011/12 season? Fat chance of that one folks.

Any of these would give Thomson good reason to use the photo of Celtic Park in his tweet. But his story is NOT about any these subjects unfortunately, it is about historic child abuse in Scottish football.

Here’s some further reading for the Channel 4 man.

We should have no objections whatsoever about Thomson investigating historic child abuse in Scottish football, but please don’t simply restrict the narrative to suit other people’s warped agendas to Celtic FC only.

It’s a horrible subject matter but it is perfectly legitimate for the Channel 4 to investigate and report on, but hopefully all those responsible will be taken to task no matter where it took place, whether that be through associations with Celtic, Rangers or any other club in Scottish football.

And maybe Thomson will note the link to his previous investigation into the financial matters at Ibrox. When victims contacted Ibrox last year they were told to take their claims to the Rangers liquidator BDO as these where historic matters that pre-dated the formation of the new club operating out of Ibrox.

And if he is calling for clubs to put right the wrongs committed in their names in years gone by then he should also call on the current Ibrox club to accept their share of responsible for what went on in Scottish football for what happened at Ibrox long before the current Holding company came off the shelf in 2012.

Celtic fans have never weaponised this subject but are subjected to vile chants from various sets of supporters across Scotland. They should take a closer look at what happened at their clubs, as should Alex Thomson.

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