Alexsander Ceferin: “UEFA needs Celtic” UEFA President names Celtic as he battles against Super League formation

It’s been an interesting few days for football, especially when a lot of teams may be wondering what the Super League would mean for their team.

Despite Real Madrid President Florentino Perez claiming it’s a great idea because Real Madrid will have lots of money again so they will buy all the players from smaller clubs so we will all see the benefits – it doesn’t feel like a good idea.

One of the interesting things from a Celtic point of view has been to watch the reaction from UEFA, as it’s become pretty clear that they’ve been happy to make it as tough as possible for Celtic to reach the Champions League group stages.

We’ve seen some great Europa League moments but the finances aren’t the same, and it means Celtic are just one of many teams who have seen the divide grow larger over the years.

UEFA’s President has spoken out again today, and he now appears to think Celtic are vital to their competitions:

You have to think this is a cynical attempt to try and get those clubs back onside after making life difficult for years, so it will really come down to him putting his money where his mouth is.

If those clubs are so vital to UEFA competition then you would think we would see champions of the country getting into the group stages, rather than getting no pre-season and having to play multiple qualifiers just to make it there.

There’s no doubt the Super League would be awful but the proposed Champions League reforms were also shameless, but perhaps on a slightly lesser scale.

The best hope now is that this does give UEFA a wake up call and realise that he’s right – Celtic and other teams like them in the Champions League is exactly what the competition should be about.

You’ve got a world-famous stadium and atmosphere, a club with a tradition in the competition and it will only help the game grow if there’s a variety of teams in the group stages rather than seeing 6th vs 5th from some of the “bigger leagues”


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