All the best Liel, it’s a shame that it had to end this way for Abada

All the best Liel. We will be losing a good player, but it’s best for all concerned, especially yourself…

3rd February 2024 Pittodrie Stadium, Aberdeen, Scotland Scottish Premiership Football, Aberdeen versus Celtic Liel Abada of Celtic on the ball. Photo ActionPlus Vagelis Georgariou

Liel Abada is on the verge of signing for MLS side Charlotte FC. Liel has being having been having a bit of a tough time recently with personal issues regarding the well documented goings on in his homeland.

Liel has made it clear that his head and heart is not with the club despite the terrific backing he’s had from the board, the manager, his fellow teammates and the supporters. No one wants to see Liel leave as he’s a great player who’s played a great part in our success these past few years, but if the player himself is unhappy then it’s the wisest decision to let him move on.

The fee involved is reported to be around £10 million when add ons are taking into consideration. So it’s not a bad return for a player who cost £4 million, but you can’t help but wonder that if Liel stayed and lived up to his potential then he would be worth so much more.

But at the end of the day, he wants to leave and we can’t stand in his way so it’s best for all concerned. All the best Liel and thanks for your contributions these past few years.

Liel Abada of Celtic scores to give Celtic a 0-1 lead. The goal was disallowed for offside but awarded by referee Kevin Clancy after a VAR check. Aberdeen v Celtic, Cinch Scottish Premiership – 13 Aug 2023 Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Just to be clear, Liel Abada has only ever received the full backing and support of the Celtic fanbase and anything  said to the contrary is biased propaganda coming out of his country which will be held in contempt by right-minded people the world over for their disgraceful genocidal policies against the Palestinian people.

That though has never been held against Liel Abada by anyone at Celtic.

Good luck to the Bhoy, and thanks for your skelping of theRangers.

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  1. Patrick Cullen on

    Thanks Liel for your services, im only sorry it ended like this all the best on your new venture HAIL HAIL

  2. You are totally wrong about the support of the fanbase, how do you think he felt when the GB unfurled their Palestinian support banners.
    Liel was a Celtic player who should have been afforded the support of all Celtic fans, politics have no place in sport, the GB should keep their views to themselves, perhaps they could focus on not causing the club so many fines for their childish antics

  3. Colin Stevenson on

    My sentiments are for the player, but may I pick you up on one point, the Celtic support, specifically the Green Brigade by their actions on Palestibe and the flags, would not be seen as supporting an Israeli Jew, maybe the club supported Abada, he will not think that the support offered anything in kind.

    • You are talking bullshit,Palestine flag’s have been flown at parkhead long before Abada arrived and will be long after he is gone. He received plenty of support from fan’s but never one responded to them,personally think he was looking to leave anyway and used this as a way out.

  4. Rob O’Keeffe on

    Like it or not,football is a business and politics plays an integral part worldwide. If Abada didn’t feel up to the task of doing his job,that’s become his problem and a good bit of business for Celtic plc.We should remember that the GB are on the right side of history and Abada would seem to be on the other? #notoslaughter