An effigy of Shannon? More like an effing disgrace

An effigy of Shannon…an effing disgrace!

There are few beacons of hope in this so called Union just now, but Shannon’s graduation, with her wish to teach at the Holy Cross Primary School is certainly one.

Her educational journey had to start with a protective shield of adults to see her safely to Holy Cross for her first day at school. A big day for every child but for Shannon and her young contemporaries, it was overshadowed by the hatred of her Unionist adult neighbours.

And here we are, a generation later, and a young women successfully graduates with an ambition to invest in her community. We should all be wishing her and her fellow graduates well in their careers but such social norms outwit the descendants of that walk of shame.

Not for them a benevolent commitment to social inclusion and community benefits…not when there is anything left in society to feed their ignorance and hatred.

So they resort to their ‘cultural bonfire’ with images reflective of the worst atrocities in history and stew in their foul cauldron of hatred.

May God forgive them for they know not what they do.

Shaun Riley

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  1. I would like to think Its surprising but with this lot nothing is, shame on them.

    Good luck Shannon.