Ange Postecoglou highlights the issue with Celtic’s outlook

This season could still end with silverware. There’s a Scottish Premiership title to defend, as well as a Scottish Cup trophy that we all want to see back in Paradise with green and white ribbons around it. So in many respects, this season could still end successfully when it comes to the trophy haul.

However, it would be disingenuous to suggest it has been sparkling and that there are not major issues being covered and cracks pappered over yet again. The men running our club and controlling the purse strings have dragged us backwards kicking and screaming into a dog-fight for the League title, when it should have been a sure thing that was signed, sealed and delivered well before now.

When Ange Postecoglou decided to accept Tottenham and Daniel Levy’s offer to take over from Italian manager Antonio Conte last June, many of us were left despondent. Not just without hope because he’d left, no it was a far more deep-seated worry than that; what the suits would do next? Dermot Desmond wasted no time and wanted Brendan Rodgers back in the Parkhead hotseat – despite the potential backlash from some supporters over the way in which he left last time through the back door in February 2019.

It was a reasonable concern many had but nonetheless, Dermot wanted and Dermot got his wish as he always does when it comes down to the crunch. Despite the reluctance in some quarters, there was a general feeling and acceptance that Rodgers was the best and most qualified candidate we could get our hands on at that particular moment in time. We would all be forgiven in thinking that there would be no repeat of the debacle around recruitment which unfolded last time under the Irishman, and that the billionaire would make certain his man was backed to see the job through this time. After all, it was the man with the tache that had to coerce his fellow countryman back into the club after initial hesitancy.

Peter Lawwell, Brendan Rodgers and Michael Nicholson. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Another stalemate and the Big Lebowski could have egg on his face…

Yet, once more we’ve had to endure the dichotomy between the recruitment team and heirarchy and what the manager wants and needs. It’s decended into chaos behind the scenes and now two members of staff have been relieved of their duties. It’s an unmitigated disaster and leaves us on the precipice of seeing our title slip away if we are beaten against a bang average Rangers team at Ibrox this Sunday, who’ve been kept alive by the dubious decision-making of Scottish officials since the season began.

Every time we get into a really strong position, we blow it.

We never finished them off by winning the Ten-in-a-row which every cheerleader of the Board shouted about from the rooftops in lieu of a decent European record. Ange stepped in and saved us from a total and utter embarrassment, when the people who are currently our custodians allowed a cash-strapped Rangers to snatch a title during the pandemic a few years back. We struck gold with Ange and despite those that say he was offered heaven and earth to stay, there’s just too many tit-bits and coincidences with what he has said since that point to a lack of ambition at boardroom level.

Dermot Desmond is seen prior to the Celtic vs St Mirren Cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park on May 20, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

The general mentality at Celtic Park is that of comfortability. We’re content in the playpen of Scottish football and view UEFA Champions League group stage football as an added bonus to swell the coffers (and shareholders pockets). Postecoglou’s own philosophy is clearly antithetical to that of the Celtic Board’s and he mentioned once again before his Tottenham side played West Ham last night, that Champions League football is not some sort of saviour on its own; it merely gives your club a platform and opportunity to kick on and develop and grow.

Have a listen…

If we are to have any chance at change, we must first rid ourselves of this inhibiting and prohibitive mentality…

Paul Gillespie

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  1. Compare apples to apples. Our income versus any team in the EPL Premiership are not comparable. You could be from any English backwater with a stadium that barely qualifies for that league and ur income is Celtic x30. Hell, I’d argue if people want to chat that rubbish about having 70m in the bank, that the UCL qualification is not a bonus, it is virtually essential. It was about £40m of profit, that pot next year is about £40m. 70m rotting the account? Nah, that is how you survive if Sevco pip us ti the UCL group stage cash. The way my fellow Hoops fans talk, they want a board that is as bad at managing money as I am. Good way to go to the wall. Ange left coz the expectation is sky high n transfer kitty is subterranian. We better back BR is we get that pot, historically we have a habiy of not capitalising on success. We cannot stand still anither successice window. HH

    • RPM Celticfan on

      Sorry mate your post makes absolutely no sense to me , you seem to be contradicting yourself , hoard money but back Rodgers? Hail hail .

  2. He’s saying if Rangers win the league they have money in the bank to survive the loss of income from not having direct entry to the CL. If Celtic do win the league, then back BR. That’s the message.

    • RPM Celticfan on

      But if they had spent some money strengthening the squad there would not even be a title race