Ange Postecoglou is already ruffling up the English media

Ange Postecoglou yesterday held his first media conference since his arrival in North London. The Aussie was asked whether the Spurs job was a step up from Celtic, and as he did on a regular basis up here, he batted the ball and the interviewer right out of the park with an plain and honest answer. One that will no doubt rile the arrogant English reporter and many of their readers.

Ange Postecoglou. Photo Kenny Ramsay

Ange said that he doesn’t believe anything to be a step up in life, as everything he does is seen as a different challenge. In the so called smaller leagues around the world people are fighting different challenges, but it’s a challenge all the same was what he basically said.

He quiet rightly said that finishing second at Celtic is seen as a failure and would have cost him his job at Celtic. Not just winning, but winning with style was the way he put it, and he’s one hundred percent correct. The pressure up here to succeed is alien to anything any manager will experience down south.

Ange has only done one press conference down south and he’s already put a few noses out of joint. Just like he did up here. He’s gone now but I’ll sure miss him giving it both barrels to the Scottish Mainstream Media.

You can watch Ange’s full media conference HERE.

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  1. Enough of this guy!! Man sick of it especially in the sccotish media! Even huns call him ” ange” now ! You do know he was trying for every job in England that was available since January and probably before ! His agent was hawking him all over the shop!!and he 2 zoom interviews in April and May for that job, that well dodgy hence we got the 5 million! Brendan was hated for leaving but he could pick his club at many times when with us before he left as he a much better Provan manager and down there! Look I have lived in Australia on and off for 15 years just back again actually so I knew he go first chance he got of any job in ” the epl mhate”! Aussie talk that is they are sychopants of that league and London in particular even ones that know nothing of football, and he the same his move elevates him in that country and was his goal even tho he was at club like ours! Whis is truly a club in top 5! Of iconic world clubs on the planet! So please no more of ” ange” It’s worked out great for us tho as we got a much better manager on every level but this nonsense has to stop!

    • Correct , I am sick of hearing about him too,and ,I don’t believe a word of what he said there either.If others did believe it all that’s their problem.