Ange Postecoglou shuts down mainstream media’s Spurs story

Ange Postecoglou has come out and rubbished mainstream media reports linking him with a potential move to English Premier League side, Tottenham Hotspur. The Celtic boss has been continually linked with jobs down south, and it is becoming as tiresome for him as it is for the Celtic supporters.

This has been ongoing for months now; first it was Wolves, then Aston Villa, followed by Brighton and Southampton, now it’s for a job that currently had a manger in situ! It really does defy belief at times and ties into the internally held theory that all the fanbase have about trying to unsettle our players and management team.

It seems that it is an obsessive compulsion with these people that write on the sportdesks up and down the country. Whenever a Celtic team is doing well, or whenever they have a big game in the offing (such as Hearts tomorrow in the Scottish Cup Quarter-final), we see stories like this appearing as if by magic.

Postecoglou has repeatedly stated the fact that he has no intentions of leaving Celtic Football Club for greener pastures anytime soon, and that he also may be here for a lot longer than some people think. Despite this message continually echoed in the manager’s interviews and sit-down’s with the mainstream media, stories run like a stream from these outlets about him leaving.

Yet again, the boss has had to field questions about a potential departure and he sounded as sick to his back teeth of them as we are. When quizzed on Spurs links, he said: “I don’t look at it at all, it’s just not of interest to me,” the former Australia head coach said. “I don’t wake up and get a daily briefing on the latest gossip, whether that’s football or non-football related.

“I get up every morning and come to work and deal with what’s in front of me. The rest of it doesn’t mean anything to me, doesn’t affect me, doesn’t affect the people around me. Like most things, people want to have something to talk about and they pick things that are fairly obscure and you can run with without worrying too much whether there is actually any evidence behind it.”

The Never-Ending Story…

Watch Ange set the media straight below…

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