Ange Postecoglou – Time We Stopped The Hysteria

Ange Postecoglou spoke to the media today for the first time since his name was linked to the Spurs job. He literally gave nothing away and played his cards close to his chest, something he’s always done since he arrived in Glasgow, well that’s my take on it. He didn’t exactly say he was committing his long term future to the club, but he didn’t say he was offski either.

Not surprisingly it didn’t stop the usual frenzy being whipped up on Twitter with a lot of supporters getting their knickers in a twist and fearing the worst.

Meltdown is not the word to use but it’s pretty close to being one for some supporters. Some folk seem to live in a constant state of fear and see everything in a glass half empty perspective.

I can empathise with them a tiny bit as Ange Postecoglou is the best manager we’ve arguably had since Martin O’Neill, but if the day comes and it will some day, not now but it will happen, then you’ve just got to get on with it. No one is bigger than the football club after all. Managers like players come and go but our club (unlike some others) will always be there.

Ange said he is focused on the next two matches and I believe he means that one hundred and ten percent. Let’s get behind him and the team and cheer them on to a historic eighth Treble. Whatever is going to happen afterwards, deal with it then. Just enjoy the moment and stop getting hysterical over something outwith your control.

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  1. John McNulty on

    Look Spurs have shown themselves to be a toxic club the last few years. Conte was flying high before Spurs job, Leeds, Chelsea, Southampton have come up and Conte isn’t even mentioned. Conte is a great coach there is no doubt as his record before spurs was exceptional. Now he isn’t deemed worthy of any manager job in the english premiership. Give me a break!

    There is a serious issue at spurs, and it looks from my point of view that Levy wants the power and to make the decisions but a manger has to put his neck on the block. Would you put your neck on the block if you are not the one making all the decisions when it comes to your neck? NO IS THE ANSWER!

    What shouts from the rooftops is that now 2 top mangers have removed themselves from the job.

    Also Ange has links with the city group, I feel he is happy gaining British football experience, European experience at Celtic and if he continually progresses Celtic then the city job may come to him.

    Also I am convinced that Ange wants another go at the champions league with Celtic. Also I think he knows that clubs will still have a doubt about him as we finished last in the champions league last year. If he could finish 3rd in the group this year (which would be an achievement) and then get to the Uefa league semi or final then all the big clubs will come calling, the Real’s, Barca’s, Munich’s, Liverpool’s, City’s and so on.

    That is Ange’s next progression, he has said he loves challenging the best, battling Bournemouth for top 6 doesn’t cut it. Ange won’t leave for a club that is not in the top 3 or 4 of their respective league that has no chance of champions league football every year. When you listen to him, that’s where he wants to be.

    More likely with a club that can actually win it!