As a 12-year-old boy is charged, ITN’s Peter A Smith fails to respond to ‘Racist Video’ Queries

THE extent of the racism allegations against Alfredo Morelos from the Celtic Support on 29 December – as we told you on Saturday – extends to ONE supporter and today the news has been confirmed that the supporter under investigation is a 12-year-old boy. He has now been charged.

What’s that? Primary Seven or First Year at the High School?

Today it has been confirmed by Police Scotland that a 12-year-old boy has been charged in relation to alleged racist chants directed at the Rangers player Alfredo Morelos in the game against Celtic at Celtic Park on 29 December.

Superintendent Mark Sutherland, of Greater Glasgow Division, confirmed the news saying “Abuse of any form is completely unacceptable and Police Scotland will continue to rigorously investigate any reports of abuse we receive and bring those responsible before the relevant authorities.

“We’d remind the public that, as the person charged is below the age of 18, he cannot be named or identified for legal reasons as per the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995.”

Any Teachers reading this will be familiar with young people behaving badly and a small minority using language that is entirely unacceptable. Whether that has happened in this case or not is going to be a matter for the appropriate courts to determine and given the age of the boy there is really little more to be said about that just now.

Last week a 15 year old Rangers supporter racially abused the Aberdeen defender Shay Logan on social media. After being called out, quite magnificently as it happens by Logan, the boy apologised to the Aberdeen defender, this was accepted and the matter closed.

I am unaware of the national and international media coverage condemning Rangers for the actions of this teenage boy who admitted making racist remarks, apologies were offered, accepted and that was the end of the matter. Lesson learnt and all that for the 15 year old Rangers supporter, who incidentally was NOT charged by Police Scotland.

But back to the 12 year old boy at the Celtic v the Rangers game on 29 December. On Saturday we told you that there was ONE outstanding investigation and that this would be resolved shortly.

We also told you that the video that Peter A Smith from ITN alleges that he has seen after it was sent to him and that it contains “racist insults” does no such thing.

I asked Mr Smith to forward the video to prove otherwise and offered to complain to Celtic if he was indeed correct. You see, Celtic had already told The Celtic Star that the video does NOT contain and racist insults.

I sent Mr Smith a link to the article published on Saturday night, perhaps a few of you could do the same this evening. Here is the link….

You can find Peter A Smith on Twitter HERE.

I have not heard back from Mr Smith. Given that he has the video that proves that there was racist insults directed at Alfredo Morelos by the Celtic Support on 29 December, surely he should also forward the video to Superintendent Mark Sutherland, of Greater Glasgow Division?

I also asked Mr Smith to tell us who sent him the video. If you have read today’s Daily Record, specifically Keith Jackson’s column on the Craig Whyte you might be a step closer to understanding how this all works.

Here’s a link to Jackson’s article. Read the comments below, they are quite remarkable.

Here’s the post that the ITN man posted on 30 December 2019.

He subsequently tweeted this…Celtic spokesperson says in response: “We are aware of the gestures made by the player towards Celtic supporters. We have received no reports of any racial abuse but would fully investigate any should these be brought to our attention.”

Well Celtic did receive complaints – from Celtic season ticket holders – they were taken extremely seriously and have resulted in ONE charge being made against a 12 year old boy. That leaves every other Celtic supporter in the clear of any charges of racially abusing Alfredo Morelos on 29 December.

So where is the video Mr Smith, or indeed where is the apology?

Keith Jackson at the Daily Record, years later, today held his hands up for writing a story under orders that was complete and utter nonsense. Perhaps you aren’t really up or telling us who sent you the video and probably briefed you on what it is supposed to prove, because perhaps like Jackson, you didn’t bother checking either, and the person directing you on this one is the same man who manipulated Jackson?

Perhaps you should be issuing a full apology to the Celtic Support sooner rather than later. Before it goes to your ITN bosses.

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