Attention seeker Tik Tok on what he reckons Chris Sutton craves

Tik Tok reckons Chris Sutton craves attention. Funny how this is the first we’ve heard from Cantwin in a while…

Celtic connection – Chris Sutton & Gerry Creaney, Blackburn Rovers V Man City FC 06 December 1995. Sutton won the Premier League with Blackburn. Photo  Mary Evans Allstar Stewart Kendall 

Todd Cantwell aka Tik Tok Todd has been a bit quiet of late. Out through injury picked up in the final seconds of his side’s defeat at the hands of Celtic Reserves at the start of September, he’s had to watch his teammates self combust leading to the sacking of their ‘genius’ coach Michael Beale and Todd kept his head down to avoid his share of the flak to remain in his deep cover hiding place.

 Greg Taylor of Celtic interacts with Todd Cantwell of Rangers FC during the Scottish Cup Semi Final match between Rangers and Celtic at Hampden Park on April 30, 2023 – Celtic won. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

Now however Tik Tok Todd has now put his head above the parapet and let himself be heard by criticising former Celtic striker and Sky pundit Chris Sutton. Tik Tok reckons Chris craves attention, yes you heard that correctly. The boy who up until a few weeks ago was posting non-stop on his social media accounts until Brendan Rodgers burst his bubble. It’s both ironic and laughable.

Speaking on the Beautiful Game podcast Candwell had this to say about former Celtic star Chris Sutton.

“I’ll be completely honest. So, my stance on this is very clear. You have pundits and ex-footballers and their life is completely different now. They don’t have that opportunity to play anymore and I can’t speak about what it’s like to be an ex-footballer because I’m obviously still a current footballer.

“There’s just one thing I can’t really understand when it comes to pundits that used to play football which is, jumping on players or what I would call what Chris Sutton does as an attention seeker. I find that very bizarre.

“Because if you had a good career, why are you sat on Twitter, hammering into a lad that you had an interview with and said ‘you’re an amazing person, an amazing player when you were back at Norwich’, but he just forgets that.

“So for me, it’s like this isn’t even real. What he’s doing is playing up to obviously his links with Celtic. And he needs to stay relevant and that’s sad for me because if I’m an ex-player and I’m on Twitter tweeting a 25-year-old trying to stay relevant. For me, I’d look at myself and go ‘yeah, what am I doing?’

“But that’s just me, I don’t know what he’s sat at home doing, but for me it’s like why are you so interested in Todd Cantwell? Why are you so interested in Rangers? You played for Celtic, fantastic, support Celtic, tweet about Celtic every day, you love them, that’s fine.

“He spoke to me at Norwich and he told me what a fantastic footballer I was – ‘the world’s at your feet, Todd. You’re a great guy, Todd’. All of this and then I sign for (the)Rangers like ‘just forget everything I said before, I’m going to start a feud with you on Twitter’ and I’m like what?”

Chris Sutton with the Scottish Cup

Todd must be getting withdrawal symptoms having been out the limelight for a bit. The fact that he’s now crying again about Chris Sutton having a pop at him will bring a wry smile to even the most sternest of Celtic Star readers.

Todd reckons Chris is making a career out of mocking him. No Todd he made a career being a fantastic player in the EPL and Scotland. Now he makes a living as a top class pundit where he works for Sky Sports and the BBC down south.

Cantwell looks on as Reo Hatate gets some water from theRangers carrier, after Tik Tok had disgraced himself by trying to deny the water to the Celtic player.

Yes he gets the bites but he’s good at his job. He’s ruffled bigger and better names than Todd in his career on and off the park. Todd should just focus on himself and do his talking on the pitch for once, but in a career that has seen him with nothing at both Norwich and theRangers he’s not really got much to shout about.  Sutton should simply say ‘show us your medals, Tik Tok’ and that would be that.

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