‘Backwards if you stand still, Absolutely, 150%,’ Rodgers tells Celtic Board

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“My role in the summer was clear; to keep the players that were here such as Kieran and Tom Rogic which is great. And at the very minimum replace the players that we lost and where we might need improving.

“So we done the first part with Kieran and Tom. We sign, which is a no-brainer, Odsonne Edouard, he was on loan and we could see his qualities and now he looks like he is going to kick on and keep improving and developing but there are still a few key areas where I want to bring in quality and thus far we haven’t completed on it – not a lot of players, but we needed quality.

“And that is something that we haven’t got in the building yet to add to the quality that is already here. You have to do that when you are in a strong position. I am not sure the club has been in a stronger position this summer than what they have been for quite some time.”

Brendan was then asked of standing still meant that you go backwards. Here’s his reply.

“Absolutely. 150%. I couldn’t agree more. We need to complete deals. It is as simple as that. One is identifying the players which we do and then get them over the line.”

Asked specifically about whether the money should have been forthcoming to get John McGinn signed for Celtic Brendan said:

“150%. If you open your door to players in general and they have an opportunity to go through that door and have a look and see that there are other good clubs with facilities and are equal – and probably better – than what is here, then you risk the chance of them not coming back though the door. That is the gamble you take if you wait.”

Asked did he expect more to have been done by the club by this stage Brendan replied:

“I just wanted quality. We weren’t needing a huge overhaul here this summer. For me it was pretty straightforward.”

He said that he’s fine rather than being frustrated and hopes that the deals can be done before the window closes.

“I would hope so. We identify the targets and like I say we just hope that they can be completed.”

On whether he is happy with the situation as it stands: “Whatever I feel will always be private. I will never speak openly on that.”

On the McGinn situation – which has moved forward since this interview was given yesterday – Brendan’s update at the time was this:

“They’ve been working on it for the last few months. At this moment I don’t have anything further to add. Clearly Aston Villa have come in and maybe found an agreement with Hibs, I assume, which is why they would let him travel.

“And he’s taken the opportunity to go and have a look and see. What he’ll find is that it’s a very good club that’s now been taken over by owners that look like they really want to back what they’re doing now. They have a wonderful stadium and a great, great training facility.

“Ultimately, it will always go down to the board, which it is at most clubs. The board and everyone are fully understanding and clear and have clarity on my ambitions. Absolutely.

“My ambitions are always for Celtic. For the club and the supporters to have success.

“Of course, the club have to balance that off with everything else that goes with running a football club. I’m not privy to the real depths of the business side of it.

“You guys know as much as me in terms of the club and the operation. We’ve got a board who want to look after the interests of the club and I respect that.

“They respect that I am ambitious for Celtic. For the 60-odd thousand who turn up every week and for the millions around the world, we want to deliver the very, very best that we can.

“Of course, the club want to do that within their means. That’s where we are at. I love it here. I love my work. I love working with the players, developing the team.

“We just try to push the very best we can to deliver on the expectation of what the supporters want.”


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