‘Bananas’ – The Green Brigade and the ‘bad taste replies from the wet wipe Celtic dahs’

SOME of the responses from fellow Celtic supporters to the latest Green Brigade message have been disappointing to say the least.

The Green Brigade have been hit with a ban after the latest UEFA Fine was imposed which incidentally was for an illicit banner and illicit song at the Celtic v Lazio match. Before that game and after the club had received a fine for the flares used by the Green Brigade in in 2-0 win over Cluj, the Green Brigade heeded the warning from the club and refrained from using pyrotechnics at the match against Lazio.

Because of the offensive political persuasions of the Lazio support – something that UEFA have been dealing with themselves – the Green Brigade led the way and nearly all the Celtic support at that game at Celtic Park joined in the chant which started in the North Curve.

Celtic claimed that their ban, which may be long lasting and even permanent, is for safety reasons, yet as we keep saying there were no flares used at the Celtic v Lazio game as the UEFA charges confirm. The illicit song and the illicit banner are one offs – unless Celtic assist Lazio with their qualification and they end up ‘doing a Cluj’ by visiting Celtic Park twice in one season on European duties. If that was the likely outcome of Celtic winning in Romania I’d rather settle for a draw!

Anyway, back to the latest message from the Green Brigade to their members who have been excluded from the game tomorrow night at short notice and with many having already made and paid for their travel arrangements to get them to Glasgow.

“For the attention of all NCC members.

“The Green Brigade will be watching the match on Thursday in the Celtic Supporters Club on London Rd. We would encourage all who will not be attending the game to watch it with us.

“Thank you for your continued passion and support this season,” the Green Brigade’s message stated.

They have tickets but got banned for safety reasons according to the club. They released their own statement yesterday after providing an update on their Food Bank appeal at the weekend which incidentally pushed the money they had raised for charity beyond £250,000 – very much in the spirit of Walfrid.

Then after doing that they sent out the message above to their fellow Celtic supporters affected by the Celtic Board’s decision to partially close the standing section. This is where we are going to watch the game, if you are now banned from attending, come along and let’s watch the match together is basically what they are saying.

so why the hell do some fellow Celtic supporters feel the need to jump in there are ridicule their fellow Hoops fans? You tell me, I’m at a complete loss on this one.

“What time are the are lighting the pyro inside the pub mate?”

“Will there be fireworks present I’ve still got a few sparklers left over a could bring along.”

“Hope the Celtic Supporters Club allow flares and fireworks. It’s what you do when watching football isn’t it..”

“Can you answer why you continually use pyrotechnics despite the club continually asking you not to?
From a Celtic season ticket holder,” and the rep, “Can you ask the club continually about resolution 12 please.”

“Bye bye Green Brigade! Celtic have always had the most passionate fans in football, long before Green Brigade invented themselves and started spoiling it for everybody else with babyish “no pyro no party” pants and we’ll still have the most passionate fans long after GB are no more.”

“Will I bring the pyro for indoors?”

“Nay luck. That’s what happens!”

“Could I borrow the megaphone and I will whip up the singing?”

“Whose bringing the sparklers?”

“Well youz just bloody behave yersels. At this rate, you’ll all be doon Glasgow green with tinnies and being kettled by Police Scotland.”

“The statement and all the comments I have seen omits the fact that the stadium licence for the freestanding area is under threat. Celtic need help here not criticism from petulant clowns who have caused the crisis.”

“Is the rocket show still going ahead at half time?”

Not all the comments are of that nature though. Let’s have a look at some of the more sympathetic messages.

“The amount of bad taste replies from the wet wipe celtic dahs on this mind the 80s dont forget your bananas when you leave the house,”

“You should all gather at the main doors of the stand for the 90 mins”

“You will be sorely missed. The heart of the stadium. They expect fans to be in pipe n slippers. No shouting either.”

“Guys we are going to miss you at the game but you’re not doing yourself any favours cos you’ll miss out and we’ll miss having you all with us let’s get over this and get back to supporting the hoops.”

“I’m no fan of flares, but the clubs punishment is ott and the timing of the announcement was particularly callous, imo. But there are rules, laws and guidelines, in the stadium, as there are in life, that we nay not like but we have to follow. But I reiterate the ban is too hard.”

“With the recent punishments for Pyro use by other Euro teams resulting in fans being banned from away games and the next disciplinary on the same day of the cluj game we will be banned for the last 32 away game as well..!! So the GB ban is pointless fan division..! HH GB..!”

All of the above points to a fractured Celtic support which is worrying to say the least. Indeed all of this and an ongoing ban for the Green Brigade throughout the rest of this year and maybe beyond could significantly help one club in Glasgow and it isn’t Celtic.

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