“Beale went mental in the changing room after the game,” Andy Halliday

After Monday’s 2-2 draw in the Glasgow DerbytheRangers manager Mick Beale, reportedly went into a rage at his squad for allowing Celtic to score a late equaliser and prevent theRangers from closing Celtic’s nine-point lead.

Former midfielder for theRangers, Andy Halliday, gave some insight into Beale’s post-match reaction in the dressing room after a 2-2 draw with Celtic. The three points that theRangers looked like taking from the game against Celtic may prove crucial in Beale’s title slim hopes, so to only take one point and allow the Hoops to maintain their nine-point lead was far from the result theRangers gaffer wanted.

Especially since theRangers took the lead with a controversial penalty and held it until the last few minutes, to only have their hopes of cutting Celtic’s lead crushed with an 88th-minute strike from Kyogo to equalise the match.

Celtic remain the heavy favourites the win the League, while Beale is left with a nine-point gap to close. Halliday spoke to Open Goal, where he exposed Beale for going ‘mental’ at his squad…

“I heard that Michael Beale went mental in the changing room after the game.”

Here’s why Beale was bealing…

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  1. Went mental ?????

    He he should have been delighted. If it wasn’t for his brethren and their absurd use of technology at their disposal, his day would have ended in defeat….


  2. No the best thing about it all beale thinks his sevco were great dont get me wrong they played better than us in some bits all because our celtic players never turned up if Ange starts with mooy jots abada then its 12 points but Ange got the team wrong thats why sevco were abit better than us and yet again VAR fucks celtic yet again for a stonewell penalty and john loyalist beaton gave sevco a penalty for nothing all because sevco player stands on starfelt feet so loyalist beaton and corrupt scumbag w.collum thought it was a penalty now on to Saturday game against killie im gonnae ask the bookies to see if they’ll take my bet that N.Walsh will give killie a penalty through VAR because mr Clancy is running var just watch on Saturday how n.walsh will slow celtic right down let killie Waste more time rolling about the park dirty cheating corrupt bastards at masonic hampden and there scumbags officials RATS..

  3. Peter … Just watched the Maeda goal again , thanks for adding it to the article .

    Interesting observation … the ball goes in at 30 sec on the clip .. and the players celebrate as normal .
    I had noticed a still picture earlier where Johnston looks away from the group with a concerned look .
    The video reveals its Cheatons whistle that’s blown .. 13 seconds after scoring , to basically tell the players “ enough of that “ …

    I’m not sure what a normal allocation is for teams to be allowed to celebrate a goal , but 13 seconds seems incredibly short , for the referee to blast his whistle to stop them ?