Beautiful Sunday! Lisbon Lion Jim Craig explains why Celtic will win today

There are advantages and disadvantages to having matches start around midday.

One of the drawbacks is that the pre-match meal doubles up as a breakfast as well and you also have to take into account the fact that, unless you got up in the middle of the night for a snack, you would not have eaten for the best part of perhaps 12 hours.

So, your body needs some sustenance but you cannot afford to take too much in, as you are performing in only a few hours.

The advantage is that there is a lot to do in a few hours and no time for hanging around, which means less time for thinking and worrying. It would be question of getting up, shaving where necessary, showering, getting dressed, down for breakfast/pre-match meal, back upstairs to get into the club gear for travelling and head for the bus.

And, just to focus your mind on the importance of the match, as the team bus approaches Ibrox, the fans will already have come out in numbers – just to stress what the occasion means to them – and you are cheered by your side and castigated by the other.

Only those with thick skins should apply for the job!

This particular clash between the Glasgow rivals is an unusual one. For the first time for years, the points could make a difference to the run-in for the League title. If Celtic win, the championship is assured; if Rangers pick up the three points, then that could make the run-in very interesting – or even fascinating. A draw would just maintain the status quo.

There can be little doubt that Celtic are in the driving seat, with players used to the big occasion.

Under Graeme Murty, there has been an improvement in the Light Blues over the past few months but are they ready to take over the mantle of best team in Glasgow?

There is one nagging doubt for Celtic fans.

There have been matches – particularly in Europe but also some domestic ones, like Hearts – where a few players have not played well on the big stage and the team has suffered.

Later today, Brendan Rogers will be expecting everyone to turn up for the occasion, give his all and make sure that his immediate opponent gets a tough time, although within the laws of the game.

If all our guys do that, then we get possession and once you have that, then the sky is the limit.

I expect the points to come to Celtic.

Jim Craig

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