‘Beautiful Sunday? One of the best days I’ve had,’ says Kieran Tierney

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IF the celebrations were in danger of being just a little bit flat on Sunday after the 1-0 loss to Aberdeen, Kieran Tierney was determined to turn that around to ensure everyone had a fantastic end the league campaign celebration with the trophy retained and displayed around Celtic Park.

Kieran headed over to the standing section and as he did after the 5-0 win over Rangers on the latest Beautiful Sunday he became the party master MC, co-ordinating the dance moves and the celebrations for the standing section and the playing squad.

He really is one of us and it is great to be able to state that about a Celtic player, especially today as we remember the wonderful Celtic man, Tommy Burns.

KT has been speaking to The Celtic View about Sunday and what he had to say is certainly a little more heart felt than what you usually get from a professional footballer. KT is a Celtic supporter who just happens to be a pro player. And he’s a very good one too – just to TB.

“These are days I’ll never forget in my life,” Kieran said to the Celtic View.

“I can say I grew up dreaming of doing this but I never thought in my wildest dreams I would have been able to do what I’ve done. I will just keep living, being happy and grateful for the opportunity that I’ve been given.

“Growing up, my mum and dad gave up everything for me and sacrificed so much for me. You could see my dad coming on the pitch – he was more hyper than me, and that’s saying something! We all just can’t believe what’s happened to me in recent years and we’re all so grateful for it.

“We were disappointed with the way we played against Aberdeen. At Celtic you want to win every game and give 100 per cent and on Sunday it wasn’t our day and it didn’t work for us. But the celebrations at the end were about a season overall and not just one game and we celebrated being deserved winners of the league.

“The hard work and consistency we do every day in training is why we win the league. The way we clinched the league was probably one of the best days I’ve had – to win it in style 5-0 against your rivals was brilliant.

“It’s an absolute honour for me to play with this team. I just appreciate every moment as I know there are all great players in there and good people. We all look out for each other and that’s the key to a great team.”

And Kieran will be hoping to get back to winning ways on Saturday in the Scottish Cup Final and maybe to avoid the hospital dramas he had to endure last time around – although his return for his medal was an iconic moment for the rest of us!

“The cup final has been talked about a lot, but we’re just focusing on working hard in training and doing our talking on the pitch.

“Everybody knows what’s at stake, no-one has to say it, and we’re just looking forward to the game.”

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