Beautiful Sunday – ‘Whit’s the Goalie Daein’ Tom?’ asked Hugh Burns on Rangers TV

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THE excitement is understandable as the host Club twice went in front in the biggest match they have ever played. If they could hold on to their lead the gap on Champions Celtic, who had never failed to win at Ibrox, would be down to 3 points and, if you overlook Celtic’s game in hand, there would have been a title race on.

Sadly for the excitable commentators on Rangers TV it was not to be. Celtic levelled twice and although they celebrated the red card like a third goal, it was Celtic with ten men who went on to score.

By then the enthusiasm was gone and in an understated fashion, seating with disappointment and tinged with bitterness he simple concludes by saying “Rangers 2, Celtic 3.”

It was a fair summary though of what he had just watched. Another Celtic win at Ibrox. This is a must watch for a Monday morning smile.

Hugh Burns has recently been binned by Rangers TV.


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