“Bedwetting”, “Sense of entitlement”, “drunk on success”, “hypocrisy” – BBC man rips into to Lennon-out Celtic fans

Tom English had a go at the Celtic Supporters who are unhappy with the club’s current form and want Neil Lennon replaced as manager, claiming that they have been ‘drunk on success’ over the past nine years and now have a sense of entitlement, believing that the the team must win all the time. And with that not happening at the moment, the BBC man, speaking of BBC Sportsound (listen below) reckons that there’s now some bedwetting going on as Celtic struggle through what he calls ‘a little dip’. The responses will be interesting so let’s have a look after you watch this…

“It’s not a “little dip”, we’ve had one good performance this season, the rest have been sluggish and lethargic. We look devoid of any ideas going forward and quite frankly, we’re lucky it’s potentially only a 3 point gap – if we win the game in hand,” Liam stated.

“He’s more or less correct although I think it’s just human nature that after such prolonged success fans just expect it to continue and when it looks like it’s not going to continue they start to question the manager. We all know what the solution is. Start winning games again!” Madrid Emerald Celtic Supporters Club added.

“Not hypocrisy at all, Didn’t want him the first time round, especially after the Hampden result and the way he was appointed, and certainly didn’t want him back. He’s simply not a very good manager, end of. But he does what he’s told so there he is,” Steve Clarke stated.

“The ire should not be directed at Lennon. The recruitment policy should be questioned. Additions don’t impress. Also releasing players that still had a contribution to make while keeping others that shouldn’t be on the payroll. I question whether Lennon has influence in these areas?” Bathville asks.

“Garbage from start to finish, we’ve a manager who doesn’t pick players in their right positions in big games, is clueless at making substitutions and can’t judge a player’s fitness. We should win the league with our squad that’s not entitlement, he should never have been appointed,” JohnnyManc added.

“The fans are neither on the pitch or even in the stadium, but they are the guys to blame….very good Tom, did Wee Ann tell you to say that!” Tryspire wrote, with a cheeky we reference to Ann Budge at Hearts and the Null and Void fiasco from earlier in the year.

“After Rodgers left we limped to the title. We were poor for most of last season went into the new year behind theRangers. This year chasing them twice. It’s not good enough. Lennon a failed Bolton and Hibs manager should never have got the job. Nobody I know wanted him to get it,” Mark stated.

“Well that all depends on whether you wanted him in the job in the first place, personally I think it was a huge mistake to go into such an important season with him at the helm although he should be thanked for steadying the ship last season post Brendan. Need a better tactician,” Paul added.

And on it goes. From this it appears to be clear that those who didn’t want Neil Lennon to get the job after the Treble Treble was secured with that win over Hearts at Hampden in May 2019 have reverted to their original stance after a period of grudgingly accepting Neil Lennon as the manager.

Tommy Sheridan made a passionate plea this morning on The Celtic Star to get behind the manager who he believes will deliver Ten-in-a-Row but this will almost certainly fall on deaf ears.

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“It’s been tough week 6pts down with a game in hand. I seem to remember a Neil Lennon side 15 pts behind on the same games, turned that around, our season has been stop start injuries covid isolations, with all the media negativity pinned on the wall, that is motivation enough,” Kennybhoy added.

Neil Lennon is in a results driven business. Getting results will silence his critics in the support and that’s about the best he can hope for.

United we stand….

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