Belief is growing and that’s the only thing that’s been missing

Players looked disappointed, but happy with performance. There seems to be growing belief…

Not only did I have the good fortune of watching a cracking game last night, I had the privilege to go trackside after the match for  my media duties representing The Celtic Star.

I’d braved the elements last night loaded with the dreaded Lurgie and together with roaring the side on, my throat was shot to pieces. Any questions were kept to a minimum, not that I could get a lot fired away due to me not only feeling under the weather, but I was surrounded by a boisterous media pack.

They don’t take kindly to the Celtic fan media, in fact they seem to look down their noses at us. A few in particular, one that stood out was Bill Leckie, he looks as arrogant as the pieces he writes, looking at us fan media like something he’d trotted on. The Celtic colours most likely didn’t help.

He was there for work purposes and I was there for pleasure, standing in the cold and rain, unwell and a few hours before I got up for my’ real job.’ Something Mr Leckie wouldn’t know anything about. Anyway I was next to the Radio Clyde guys who were superb it had to be said, and it was an experience to watch these guys in action, something I can take aboard in my next press duties with The Celtic star.

I listened as the multilingual interpreter translated the words of Luis Palma, as the Honduran told of his pride of scoring on the big stage even though thoughts were playing on his mind of what happened against Lazio!

Callum McGregor also told of the step up in quality last night and how he believes the side can compete at this level. Whilst looking a bit disappointed he was genuine which is good to see.

His midfield partner Matt O’Riley spoke of his great experience of playing against a top quality side as he clutched his well deserved Man of the Match award. Matt stated that he learns a lot playing against this calibre of player, just like he did last year against the likes of Modric and Kroos. The boy is definitely heading to the top.

Several Atletico players trooped by and had all the same arrogance off the field as they did on it. Particularly Antoine Griezmann. The French international snubbing a request from a reporter for a quick word. Good player, seems an ignorant man.

It was a great night, and I have the feeling that our players, while slightly disappointed, feel that they have the confidence and belief they belong at this level. There is a lot more to come from this Celtic side.

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