Betting on Football – Helpful Advice

Every day witnesses a new crop of interested football bettors, which is quite understandable given the airplay and the marketing the sport receives. Even better, betting companies have been advertising left, right, and centre to get new customers. The temptation is somewhat irresistible, and to imagine you can turn a few pounds into a jackpot is something to ponder. However, there is more to football betting than what appears on your screen, and with the following advice, you can easily become a betting pro with or any other top bookmaker of your choice.

It all starts with identifying the right betting site

It is a lucrative venture, and everyone knows that. That explains why we have so many betting sites launching from every corner of the globe, and why the betting numbers are constantly growing. With that, it is easy to fall into the wrong hands if you’re not careful. As a betting rookie, some underground research could be highly valuable, and it is always advisable to look through what customers are saying about different bookmakers before registering. Registering with more than two or three sites is a way to start.

Translating markets and odds

For newbies, odds are given according to the likelihood of a given outcome. In football betting, there are multiple markets or selections available beyond the ordinary result. Peruse through all the available markets and see what you can come up with to make a formidable claim. Depending on your site of choice, you can learn to combine different markets to enhance your chances of winning good money.

Creating a betting strategy

Tipsters will always have their say, but your input counts as well. Do your research and know how different leagues play, a thing or two about the participating teams, and capture the trends that recur every week. The main goal of betting is to make profits from the amount you stake, and the best way to attain that is through having a consistent strategy for different leagues.

Know more about the sport

To be able to bet on different markets provided, you’ll need to be conversant with football as a sport for you to understand the probability of different outcomes. There could be a lot of money hidden under the markets, and your personal analysis should help your course. Take advantage of in-play betting offered by sites like Betway and maximise your winning chances.


Go with high quality odds

On a weekend of football, it is easy to fall into the trap of picking so many matches for one bet slip. The secret lies in picking fewer markets with good-paying odds, and boosting them with a generous stake. The fewer your picks, the higher your chances of converting that stake into good money.

Don’t stretch beyond your level

One of the football betting laws is that you should only bet with money you can afford to lose. In as much as your every wager is placed with a lot of confidence, anything can happen in football. Spend money wisely, and never stake with money intended for other important purposes.


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