Bizzare Scenario Could See Riga Forfeit Tie Leaving Celtic With A Trip To San Marino

Celtic’s next opponent’s in the Europa League qualifiers are either Riga FC of Latvia or Tre Fiori of San Marino. Some fans took the plunge and booked cheap flights to Riga when the draw was made with the Latvian team heavy favourites. This would also give the hardcore European away fans a potential chance of getting into the ground. However, those who did so may now be regretting that decision…

Heavy rainfall has led to glass falling from the roof of Riga’s stadium and has disrupted play throughout the first half. The score was 0-0 at the break when the match was abandoned due to the weather and safety concerns.

Riga’s manager has said that the tie will “99% not continue,” as the match must be played by tomorrow night or else the tie is forfeited and Tre Fiori will be awarded the victory (this is according to Riga assistant coach, Kristaps Blanks)!

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