Booing an opponent’s national anthem is now seen as bad

Booing an opponent’s national anthem is now seen as bad, but years of rejoicing hatred, bigotry and even genocide is fair game.

Since Tuesday night’s Auld Enemy clash at Hampden Scotland supporters have been getting a hard time from supporters of a certain club and the media both in Scotland and also south of the border.

The crime? Booing the rancid national anthem that England use. What is so bad about booing it? It’s a rivalry and hardly a criminal offence.

Why wouldn’t our nation come together and roundly boo a song that once had the verse ‘rebellious Scots to crush’? The words might not be as prevalent now, but the sentiment is still the same.

What disgusts me and most of the right minded folk in this country is that the ones pointing their fingers have also conveniently been turning a blind eye for decades now regarding the disgusting racism and sectarianism we have witnessed in this country.

Yes that would be our SMSM. They have sat back and said nothing while songs rejoicing the slaying of Catholics and the genocide of a million people is celebrated and is roundly belted from the stands. They have never even batted an eyelid never mind discuss the disgusting attacks on many members of our society.

Yet all of a sudden booing an opponent’s national anthem is the major topic of discussion despite much worse behaviour going on in the public eye for decades. It seems they have selective memories and only want to discuss the ones that suits their agendas.

It’s a total cop-out. In fact it’s down right cowardly. It shows them up for what they really are, and that’s a bunch of pathetic hypocrites.

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An ordinary everyday Celtic supporters hailing and still residing in Govan in the shadows of the enemy. I’m a season ticket holder. I Witnessed my first Celtic game in 1988 and have attended when I can ever since. Growing up in the 90s I witnessed Celtic at their lowest, and now appreciate the historic success we enjoy today. I enjoy writing about this wonderful football club and hopefully will continue to do so. I’ve always been a keen writer and initially started this a hobby. My ambition is to one day become as good an author as my fellow Celtic Star colleagues.


  1. Good to see you guys allow criticism of certain agendas, even if you won’t with others!!

    The game is being sanitised, same as life and society in general, where any criticism of anything is met with absurd reactions, such as we’re seeing, however, when sites like this pick and choose when to sensor opinion and comments then the moral high ground you attempt to take is somewhat hollow

  2. It’s the Anthem of Northern Ireland too. I recently attended the Scotland v Northern Ireland women’s game at Dens Park. It’s the first time I ever heard that Anthem at a game. One of the verses of the dirge talks about “with a mighty rush, rebellious Scots to crush”. Why wouldn’t we boo that? Me and everyone I was with and most of those around me booed the dirge from start to finish. I would find it hard not to slap any Scots person singing that dirge. Self hating Scots desperate to British. In any other country they would be called Traitors not loyalists. Loyal to who? Certainly not Scotland that’s for sure.