Both Glasgow clubs share blame for Scotland’s co-efficient woes, not just Celtic

We have to take our share of the blame for Scotland’s co efficient woes, pity others won’t do the same…

Scotland has now lost its place in the top ten co-efficient table to the Czech Republic after Viktoria Plzen earned a draw at home to Fiorentina in the Conference League quarter final first leg last night.

Unfortunately this means there will be no automatic qualification to the Champions League group stages for the winners of the Scottish Premiership next season. It also makes winning the league this season an even greater priority, something that the money-men running the club could have considered back in January.

Celtic have of course enjoyed the luxury of automatic qualification to the money laden group stages for the past two seasons, and will do so again next campaign if we are successful in defending our title.

This was only possible due to the good performances of our clubs in European competition, and admittedly theRangers played a big part in that by getting some decent results and reaching the final of Europe’s secondary competition.

That said it is worth noting that Celtic have more than played their part in boosting that co-efficiency, despite the narrative that’s been spun by both the Scottish media and theRangers supporters.

Yes we have been disappointing in Europe recently, but we’ve done our bit by adding some crucial points to the co-efficient. Points that have contributed in allowing the champions of Scotland gain automatic entry to European footballs premier competition.

And it has to be noted that it’s harder to earn co-efficient  points on the Champions League than in the Europa League, as theRangers discovered last season when they ended up with zero points and the worst goals against record ever.  Lest we forget.

We’ve had to listen to theRangers supporters say we only enjoy automatic entry to the champions league due to their efforts, but that is complete nonsense. It’s been a collective effort all round as a quick look at the co-efficient table will tell you.

As much as we can take some credit for contributing, we must also take our share of the blame for our fall in the rankings. We’ve underachieved in the Champions League these past couple of years, there’s no denying it. We’ve simply not been good enough, but neither have the other clubs. If only they too would take their share of the blame.

While Celtic should have taken more points in both campaigns under Ange Postecoglou and Brendan Rodgers, we were competitive on just about all the games outside the two trips to Madrid. Meanwhile theRangers last season were an embarrassment in the Champions League group stages, they got battered six times!

I understand that it was their first ever time appearing at that elite level, but that is still no excuse for their pitiful performances. Failing to register a single point and finishing as the worst side in group stage history is a major embarrassment for not just theRangers, but Scottish football in general, and you have to factor that into the equation when surveying Scotland’s co-efficient woes.

They also they failed to beat the part time Cypriot minnows in two games in this seasons Europa League, while Celtic earned credible draws against Atletico Madrid and Lazio while beating Feyenoord in Europes top tier competition.

It’s disappointing to lose our place in the top ten, but it’s not all down to us for that failure. All other clubs have to take their share of the blame also, including theRangers.

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  1. Rob O’Keeffe on

    I’m not bothered about other clubs JBhoy,Celtic have been terrible in European competitions.We boast about the bank balance but I take it a fair amount is put aside in case of damages to be paid due to the historical case?

  2. Sorry but I blame Lawwell. For too many years we have been the whipping boys because of his happy just to be there attitude and failure to back numerous managers