Bournemouth scout makes big Eddie Howe claim

Mark Burchill has claimed that Eddie Howe would seriously consider taking over at Celtic. The former Celtic forward and current Bouremouth scout has worked in close proximity to the ex-Cherries boss and believes that the Englishman would be interested by the opportunity to manage the club.

Speaking on The Celtic Huddle podcast with Mark Wilson and Simon Donnelly, Burchill was egged on by the regulars to use his contact to get a straight answer out of the 43-year-old. However, Burchill managed to give an answer that satisfied the listeners as well as the wider support.

“The thing about being manager of Celtic is, instantly, you are going to be playing in front of 60,000 fans.

“Not every Premier League club has 60,000 fans and the worldwide support that Celtic have got.

“Having the opportunity to go and win trophies? I think that’s something that your normal Premier League manager can go ten or 12 years without winning any trophies.

“So I think that could be something that would entice him north of the border.

“Also, I think the chance to play European football is something that would be a carrot for anyone down south who would look at it and say, ‘I never got the opportunity to work or play in Europe and win cups and leagues’.

“I think the Celtic job speaks for itself. If anyone gets offered it, you have to think about it seriously.”

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Howe comes in the mould similar to Brendan Rodgers, a coach who loves working with young players and making them better. His Bournemouth recruitment model would also suit Celtic, big players in small teams and talented, underperforming players in big teams. This is the model that Celtic need to get back to and getting a young, hungry manager in is exactly how to do it.

Howe could bring the standards at the club back up to code and would be ideal to work within a new modern structure with a DOF, which is where Celtic should be headed.

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  1. Celtic Signing Eddie Howe is the first thing celtic should do the right thing and sign Eddie now please maybe for older fans like myself
    And make sure you have someone who knows what celtic about Cochice