Sugar Ray Robinson and the Boxing Bhoys. The day Muhammad Ali visited Celtic Park and got to meet Big Yogi

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World boxing champions who had an affiliation with Celtic and Celtic Park… 20 August 1964 and the boxer who is considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world is happily drumming away at a live recording of the song “CELTIC, CELTIC” in the Highlanders Institute in Berkeley Street which is adjacent to Charing Cross, Glasgow.
And here is the very recording…!

Earlier in the week Sugar Ray Robinson had visited the Scottish capital Edinburgh before heading to Glasgow where he kicked off the opening game of the season between Rangers v Dunfermline at Ibrox before a crowd of 40,000. This was all part of a promotion by ex boxer Peter Keenan who was reputedly paying £500 per night to put up Sugar Ray, his manager and secretary in Giffnock’s MacDonald Hotel.

Sadly Sugar Ray was to lose the non-title fight on points to Cork born Mick Leahy who was one of a family of sixteen.

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