Brendan asks for four top quality recruits, now it’s up the Celtic Board

Brendan says he wants four top quality players, that’s all good but will he get his wish?

Brendan Rodgers today again spoke of his desire to bring in more quality to bolster his squad. He said that he feels the squad is short of four quality players and he hopes to address it over the coming transfer windows.

I can’t see us bringing in that many in January, but I’d like to see at least two quality additions arrive. We need it badly as our current injury problems have shown. For me, a left back and a striker is a must in January.

We also need an experienced holding midfielder, but with no European football until next summer it can wait, the same as the goalkeeper position. It’s a must we add quality in these positions.

Brendan like the Celtic supporters, wants to make a mark in Europe, and to do so he needs the backing he wants. It’s imperative he does. Whether brendan gets the quality he’s crying out for remains to be seen, but if he doesn’t he will surely start to ask questions of those in charge, and who can blame him.

So it’s over to Michael Nicholson and his colleagues on the Celtic Board to back their manager.

Here’s Brendan’s media conference from earlier this afternoon courtesy of Celtic TV…

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  1. Eugene McElhinney on

    The glaring fault with Celtic’s European policy is that it is back to front. They get eliminated then make plans.

  2. This is practically the same board that failed miserably to back him 1st time ,this is just more propaganda to stop a supporter backlash.board have no ambitions to make progress in Europe.