Brendan Rodgers may have played his part in helping Celtic find their new manager

The football community is pretty small so everyone tends to know everyone else, so it’s reasonable to expect that players and managers seek advice over their next move fairly regularly.

A report from The Daily Record does make for interesting reading from a Celtic point of view, as it sounds like Eddie Howe has sought advice from Brendan Rodgers about taking the Celtic job.

Rodgers has still spoken about his love despite his exit a couple of years ago so you would think they were positive words, but it would also be fascinating to know what was actually said.

It was pretty clear that Rodgers always had ambitions to manage at the top end of the Premier League, while you have to assume that Eddie Howe has similar goals.

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There will be a worry with Howe that he does something similar in a couple of years if it goes well and a job opens up in the Premier League, but Rodgers also has other experience that will be relevant here.

There’s a belief that Howe is still holding out just now to see if any offers come his way from down south, and Rodgers has found success at Celtic but also with Swansea where he built them up and earned a crack at the Liverpool job.

The report claims that Howe did hold talks with Celtic last week but they’ve since been put on hold, so you have to hope it’s simply a delay in agreeing terms rather than Celtic being the alternative choice for him if something else falls through.

Rodgers will surely have given Celtic a glowing recommendation, but hopefully he’s also advised him to stay a bit longer so he can actually see the job through.

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