Brendan Rodgers returning to Celtic has the Rangers fans running scared

Brendan Rodgers looks like returning to Celtic and it has the Rangers supporters running scared…

According to all reports, It looks increasingly likely that Brendan Rodgers will return to manage the club for a second time. His proposed return has led to a difference of opinion amongst Celtic supporters and that is entirely understandable.

The thought of Brendan returning has also been met by a vocal response from our rivals across the city. The same ones who have pages dedicated to our next manager search on their Follow Follow forum and we are the ones they call obsessed!

Some of the poor deluded souls are actually rejoicing his return. Why? Well they think he’s a poor manager, his achievements the last time were due to him being up against a poor Rangers side, Russell Martin, David Bates etc.

Yes they had some poor players, but wasn’t the Rangers hall of fame inductee, the blue Cafu himself, captain Tav also there as Celtic powered their way to success?

The truth is, they are quaking in their boots at the thought of Brendan’s return. They know he’s quality. He’s a man who has knowledge of our game and has previously been successful here. He’s proven at the top level of English football. Leading Liverpool to within a whisker of the title, two top six finishes and an FA cup win with Leicester.

Remember how the same supporters heralded the return of their assistant coach last December when he was installed as first team manager? A guy who had only managed a handful of games as a number one. He then failed spectacularly in his main objective last season and was left holding only the imaginary Summer Bragging Rights trophy.

Here’s Brendan being asked about Celtic while at Leicester City…

And as well as winning every trophy in Scotland he competed for Brendan Rodgers has an outstanding record against theRangers. As Celtic manager he faced them 13 times and enjoyed 10 victories, with two games being drawn and just one loss.

Three of those wins were spellings of the highest order with scorelines being 5-0, 5-1, 5-1 and 4-0. Brendan Rodgers also won two trebles and achieved a real Invincible season in his first year in Scotland avoiding defeat in the Scottish Premiership, League Cup and Scottish Cup to achieve his Invincible Treble – something that not even the Lisbon Lions were able to do (they lost twice to Dundee United).

So the Rangers support have every reason to be running scared at the prospect of Brendan Rodgers returning to Celtic.

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  1. Ha ha. Bring on Brenda. If one result goes South the fans will turn on him for walking away. When he dominated Rangers they were only just promoted from the Championship. Once Stevie G got his act together, big Katic 0-1 at Celtic Park. Furthermore, when has a manager returning to Celtic ever been successful. 56 is coming home 🏠

    • Rodgers lost only once to Gerrard, a 1-0 defeat at Ibrox – Jack scored.
      Katic did score at Celtic Park in a 2-1 win, however, Lennon was manager for that one.
      Rodgers record in Glasgow derbies:
      Home – W3 D2 L0 GF12 GA2
      Away – W4 D0 L1 GF12 GA5
      Neutral – W3 D0 L0 GF7 GA0
      Win Percentage – Brendan Rodgers Most Successful In This Fixture For Celtic. (Minimum10 Games)
      League – 70% (2nd Highest On Both Sides)
      All Comps – 77% (1st On Both Sides)
      Overall record:
      League Wins – 7/10
      Cup Wins – 3/3
      All Comps – 10/13
      Goals For – 31
      Goals Against – 7

  2. Tucobenedicto on

    Does the idiot sevvie who posted above really believe they have won 55 titles? I don’t think he does. He’s knows the club he loved died in 2012. He knows companies do not, never have and never will come back from liquidation. He knows we laugh at their delusions and lies. Dead and gone for ever and never coming back. The club is no more and what they have now is very poor imitation. All they have now is memories, lies and delusions. Good riddance say I.