Brendan’s Boxing clever pointing out ongoing unfairness in festive fixtures

Brendan right to point out unfair fixture list…

Brendan Rodgers yesterday had his say on the post festive fixture list which has seen Celtic on the road these past seven years. I was quite surprised myself with that stat and as the Celtic manager quite correctly pointed out that “either we’re very, very unlucky or someone’s making tricks behind the scenes”.

Celtic v Kilmarnock – cinch Premiership – Celtic Park Celtics manager Brendan Rodgers during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Glasgow. Picture date: Saturday October 7, 2023. Photo Jane Barlow

With Celtic playing away from home, theRangers of course have had the convenience of playing at home the past seven years. That’s not a random computer that’s spat that out, that’s for sure. Much like our run of away games in the opening round of games this quarter, there is more to it, and Brendan is quite right in calling it out.

Everything seems to favour theRangers – the team who don’t concede penalties in domestic football – and go against Celtic, cup draws are another example of that. There is nothing ‘paranoid’ as some will no doubt portrait it, about Brendan’s claims.

He’s quite within his rights to question the unfair fixture situation that is clearly going against our club. It’s clear for all to see and the stats are damning. Brendan is only pointing it out and hopefully this is just the start of Celtic responding to all of these issues in the Scottish game.

Celtic v St. Johnstone – cinch Premiership – Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers during the cinch Premiership match on Saturday August 26, 2023. Photo Steve Welsh

Celtic were originally scheduled to play Dundee on 27 December before the match was moved to Boxing Day as Sky Sports selected the game for live broadcast.  The Celtic manager was asked about the switch to Boxing Day at the end of yesterday’s media conference at Lennoxtown.

In response Brendan said: “I just saw that there and it’s not ideal. Obviously we would have preferred it to stay as it was. It is interesting actually, and I’m pretty sure I’m correct about this, Celtic have been away at that period of the season for the last seven years.

“So either we’re very, very unlucky or someone’s making tricks behind the scenes. Especially at that time of the year. Seven years on the spin this club has been away at this time of the season, that is not right for supporters.

“So hopefully they can maybe look at that going forward.”

Brendan Rodgers, gives instructions during the Cinch Scottish Premiership match between theRangers FC and Celtic FC at Ibrox on 3 September, 2023. (Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images)

As The Celtic Star pointed out yesterday, the easy solution for the SPFL is to allocate the next seven years post Christmas fixtures as home games for Celtic and away matches for theRangers. That evens things up does it not.

The next fan media outlet to speak to Brendan should ask for his thoughts on them never conceding penalties in domestic football. It would certainly be interesting to hear a Celtic manager comment on that particular issue, one that Ange Postecoglou would never touch.

Well said yesterday, Brendan! Few if any Celtic supporters even noticed that seven year record. Looks like we’ve not been paranoid enough!

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  1. Yes everbody knows there is a institunial biased in scottish football and sfa are the main culprits that goes back years and getting worst since they 2012 stats dont lie even today Celtic away game today should be live tv tomorrow kimarnock v Aberdeen on a pitch that is anti football is it cause it would give Celtic extra time to get over there excersions on wednsday night make more sense than sky picking a pitch that make football look bad or maybe sky doesnt want what there subscribers want disgrace another celtic away game not shown live by sky good bye sky lost another customer if aky subscribers payed daily instead of monthly no douby Hibs v Celtic would be there choice in future with technology allowing more choice for people we should have a bigger choice Celtic have a full house every home game Celtic tv could show the whole game at say 6pm im sure that would up there subscription .why spl give sjt another five years we live in a demacratic country and the spl is ine vote per club even though one club with sat 3,000 season book has the same vote as a club with 60,000 and and an following of many mire ready to buy season books if available its wrong Celtic have grown to big for spl and there is envy on and of the pitch