Brilliant Broony – Celtic captain chased Barton back down the road

This Barton meltdown is almost as hilarious as theRangers one…

Photo by BPI/Shutterstock – Scott Brown of Celtic and Joey Barton of theRangers together after the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and theRangers at Celtic Park, Glasgow on 10th September 2016

Joey Barton remember him? The big mouthed Englishman who rolled up in Glasgow back in 2016 saying he was ready to take over. Yes that Joey Barton, the one who was run out of town as quickly as he arrived.

Joey was heralded as a big signing and a statement of intent by Mark Warburton as he got ready for theRangers’ first ever season in top flight football. Brendan Rodgers had just took over at Celtic Park and Joey was out to show not just Brendan but Celtic captain Scott Brown what he was all about. Joey was here to take over. “I’ll be the best player in Scotland” he boasted.

Photo by BPI/Shutterstock – Scott Brown applauds the home fans as he walks past Joey Barton of theRangers during the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park on 10th September 2016.

Predictably theRangers supporters and the SMSM lapped it all up. Some even had Joey down as player of the year before a ball was kicked. Even more remarkably some even had theRangers down for Champions in their first ever season in the top flight of Scottish football.

Of course it didn’t work out that way. Joey was shown the door in mid-September, but not before he was taught a footballing lesson by Broony on that famous 5-1 victory in September 2016.

Broony out witted him and bullied him during the 5-1 thumping. It all turned out to be too much for Joey and it was his last game for theRangers. His bottle went and so did he. He had his contract terminated soon after and headed back down south with his tail well and truly between his legs.

Photo by BPI/Shutterstock -Joey Barton of Rangers & Scott Brown of Celtic during the Scottish Premiership match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park, Glasgow on 10th September 2016

At the moment Joey is having something of a meltdown on social media, offending everyone and anyone and just like theRangers supporters going on about the penalty that never was (IT WAS OFFSIDE) it makes for interesting entertainment.

One tweet from yesterday was highly amusing, when he took a pop at Gary Neville for being a coward. In Joey’s own words (well almost) he said the former Manchester United player and Sky Pundit was messing his pants regarding an incident between him and Patrick Viera during a game many years ago. This after Neville’s balances and reasonable intervention of women’s football, which Barton seems to have taken great offence to.

That would be the same Joey Barton who ran from Scotland after being bullied by Scott Brown. Yes, very ironic indeed. Big tough guy in England but found the Glasgow Derby way too hot to handle, thanks to Broony. Here’s what happened…

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  1. Yes Barton a violent man from a violent family he could have been a very good footballer but his he was a thug beaten up youth players finished him at man City standing by his brother for leaving a hatchet in a man’s head cause he was black beaten man in street these weren’t one one fights they were what bullies do even with money football has giving him he will be jailed at sometime later in life cause violence is part of his live like some mental illness these people have no cure just evil when he signed for the rangers scottish media must have had a party only a matter of time but like any bullie he knew was built up by press to be a hard man and knew in glasgow if your hard there always someone you have to prove it to and that’s fight so he never ventured around glasgow nightlife you get that reputation falsely ut will come back to haunt you for life