Brilliant! Celtic fans song dedicated to ‘Wonderful’ Leigh Griffiths

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HOPEFULLY Leigh Griffiths sees this because it is sure to make him smile! These two Celtic fans perform their highly original tribute to the Celtic No.9 who is ‘off his work’ at the moment as he struggles with mental health issues.

Quite disgracefully a tabloid newspaper slashed old photographs of Griff at at racetrack on their front page at the weekend and the Celtic striker had to return to social media respond to and correct their lies – see HERE.

And those Rangers supporters who have been signing their own wee hate-filled song about Griffiths’ troubles – shame on every one of you!

So rather that the MSM lie or the Zombie hatred, here’s two Celtic Bhoys going to the effort to show Leigh Griffiths that he is in our thoughts and prayers and that every Celtic supporter will be delighted when he is able to return to Celtic.

Enjoy the song….

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