“British football fans rioting in Glasgow,” where’s the condemnation?

Last weekend a few idiots let out support down with their behaviour as thousands of supporters descended into the city centre, and were quite rightly condemned by fellow supporters and the media alike. The media coverage of this was extensive and prolonged.

A few incidents over the weekend have again been reported in our city, but not in the same condemning manner.

The public had to endure yet more disturbing behaviour from those who claim to be football supporters. Behaviour which could be considered a whole lot worse than our own supporters idiotic actions, and this time it stemmed from our rival supporters across the city.

It started on Friday evening as a group of theRangers ultras descended on a well known Celtic supporters pub only to be met with a police presence, but nonetheless were there to cause trouble before fleeing the scene.

Then just over 12 hours later on cup final morning we witnessed hundreds of theRangers ‘ultras’ marching through the Glasgow’s Gallogate, a well know haunt of the Celtic supporters.

They did so in an intimidating manner, covering their faces with blue masks. Although you could have been forgiven if you thought a smurfs convention was taking place, but in all seriousness, they were out to cause trouble and proved that by intimidating families as they sat in a well known Celtic pub in preparation for the cup final.

While this was happening the Celtic supporters in their thousands enjoyed a pre-match party with not a hint of trouble in nearby Glasgow Green as they prepared to march to Hampden to cheer on their side.

The thuggish actions of theRangers ‘ultras’ might have been reported in the media, but it received nowhere near the condemnation our supporters foolish behaviour received.

We even had politicians lashing out at our supporters, and one even talked of a points deduction for the club as a result! Yet they remained silent after similar if not worse behaviour on Saturday.

And now that the football has finished Glasgow alongside other towns and cities across Scotland, will be subjected to the hateful marching season and the same newspapers and media outlets, politicians and everyone else enraged by the Celtic title celebrations last week with say nothing.

When is Scotland going to have a proper debate about this bigoted nonsense?

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