British Super League predictor says Celtic would be fine but others wouldn’t fare so well

The idea of a British Super League has been floated in the past few days after the collapse of the European version, but it still doesn’t really feel like it could happen.

Ultimately that meant it was only a matter of time before someone ran the teams through Football Manager or the dreaded “supercomputer” to let us know how it would go.

The Daily Star have reported on the results of the experiment which was run by, and it appears to be based on previous results against English opposition.

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Interestingly it appears that the Rangers may find themselves immediately falling into the relegation zone as they finished 19th, a full 15 points behind Celtic who were safe in mid-table.

The obvious problems with things like this is it’s based on a current situation where there isn’t a level playing field, and the old argument of Celtic being huge in a British league still stand.

The increased TV money alongside the massive support would attract all kinds of big names, so you would expect them to be battling towards the top end of the table pretty quickly.

There’s the other issue where this current team has been pretty poor all season so there is zero chance that they would finish mid-table in the Premier League just now, but there are a lot of ifs and buts here.


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