Broadcast blackout – A state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue

Like so many others of the Celtic supporting community, I was actually prevented from watching my team playing this afternoon by a combination of some woolly thinking from Ross County who seem quite happy to have empty seats when there are thousands of people wanting it buy one (other than football, is there any other area of entertainment that would allow this?), and the silly decisions of those who refuse to broadcast the game either on a mainstream channel or even Ross County and Celtic TV, courtesy of short-sighted decisions taken by the Scottish FA.

Basically, unless you live abroad or are prepared to try your luck on dodge channels, you cannot see the game, and as I live in Scotland and prefer not to break the law, I was deprived.

Empty seats in Dingwall today…

It is a state of affairs that cannot be allowed to continue and it is all the more galling to see empty seats when we are eventually allowed to see the game on BBC at 7.30 pm. It was a good game, it seemed and we immediately saw the good and the bad of Mortitz Jenz. It was he who was primarily to blame for the Ross County goal, but he made up for it almost immediately by scoring a brilliant one of his own!

Jota was superb,as always, and Celtic really deserved to win by a bigger scoreline. Other than the goal itself, the only real moment of danger was that free kick whch was well saved by Joe Hart, even though he did not really need to shove that man out of the way!

The final goal was as good as the radio commentators claimed that it was, in the tradition of Liel Abada’s late goals, and all in all, it was a fine Celtic performance.

But once again I appeal to the authorities…PLEASE LET US SEE THE GAME!

David Potter

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