Callum’s class and professionalism in sharp contrast to bitter ITV pundit

Callum showing his class and professionalism unlike Souness…

Callum McGregor yesterday spoke of his regret and horror of his own role in Scotland’s disastrous opening game thumping at the hands of the hosts Germany. Callum spoke in great detail of his disappointment and sounded like the true leader and professional he is.

On the stinging Souness comments Callum said “I think if anyone has a pop at you, you take it personally and try to prove them wrong.” That’s Callum’s polite way of sticking two fingers up at the bitter former Rangers player and manager. He like the rest of us will no doubt have been raging at the bitter venomous outburst by the biased TV pundit.

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Souness showed his lack of professionalism on TV by letting his personal feelings overcome his professional ones and made himself look like a bitter old fool who knows his club died. Callum in contrast kept his cool and showed his class and professionalism as he stood up to his failings in front of the watching footballing world. Unlike Souness who let himself down with his biased comments.

Best of luck for the rest of the tournament Callum, Scotland is lucky to have a player as talented and professional as you in the squad.

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Callum McGregor reacts to a heavy opening night defeat for Scotland ⤵️#BBCEuros #Euro2024

— BBC Sport Scotland (@BBCSportScot) June 15, 2024

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  1. The ignorant old bitter cheat is a classic example of the problem that has plagued the Scottish game for years. The anti-Celtic drive was always up front and centre. So much so, that when Scotland had the best right back in the world in Danny McGrain, he was played more often on the left, purely to accommodate Sandy Jardine because he played for the SFAs club as a right back. While he was a decent right back, he was never good enough to carry McGrain’s training gear! Likewise for Billy McNeill and Ronnie McKinnon! Was there honestly ever a genuine choice? Jimmy Johnstone on Willie Henderson? 🤦🏻‍♂️
    Then of course Europe’s best midfield duo, Murdoch and Auld! Because they wore the hoops never saw a fraction of the international recognition they should have!
    The hatred the SFA has shown and nurtured over the years is inbred.
    As for Souness, speaking of inbred, his bitterness clearly stems from his failure to comprehend Celtic’s total domination from a position of honesty and integrity. He only ever knew success as corruption based, SFA assisted, EBT driven pure cheating. Let’s not forget, once he ran from Glasgow, (just like Gerrard did if you remember) he has been an abject failure without the same outside “assistance”!
    This of course isn’t the first time Souness has embarrassed himself! Every time he speaks publicly he does it! So sit tight, he’s sure to set himself up for even more embarrassment as the tournament continues. After all, his new Glasgow club don’t have much representation there, do they? Who can he sing the praises of?