“Can you see us now”, ‘We are top of the league’ – Merchandise Gaff from Ibrox sellers

They just never learn – do they? It would appear not with the latest photos from the dark side which show the match-going paraphernalia they are flogging outside the games and which no doubt folk are buying.

For people who have tasted very little success over the past decade or so at the hands of Celtic and their domestic winning machine, they sure do have a lot of false bravado and hubris when it comes to how they view themselves.

Ross County interim manager Don Cowie looks towards Rangers manager Philippe Clement as the final whistle sounds. Clement did not shake hands with Cowie at full-time Photo Stuart Wallace/Shutterstock

Atop the Scottish Premiership for a cough and a spit lately, they jumped the gun and started going on about “can you see us now?” And the old “mind the gap” patter, even though it wasn’t by much at all. More to the point, it was short-lived as it usually always is, and after their little hiccup (to put it mildly) at Victoria Park yesterday afternoon, it looks as though they’ve majorly jumped the gun once again in their celebratory backslapping and fleeting delusions of adequacy.

Last week a 3-3 draw was heralded as a major blow to Celtic at the time and Phillipe Clement had the audacity to come out post-match and declare it as a “moral victory” for his team. That statement from the newest Ibrox incumbent was laughed at and derided for all it was worth, with former Celtic boss Neil Lennon perplexed with what that actually means in the cold light of day to people who aren’t on Mars.

They’ve since come back down to earth with a bang and the Belgian coach couldn’t handle it that much that he refused to shake County boss, Don Cowie’s hand after the final whistle went in Dingwall. The 3-2 defeat has proved too much for the man who was seen as the quasi-Messiah – just like all those who’ve come before him and who have been dispatched by the dominant force in Scottish football.

TheRangers fans have even figured out that Clement’s record only just equals Mick Beale’s for the same number of games in charge.

This latest image that has appeared online though takes the biscuit. Take a look at this one…

Paul Gillespie

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  1. The hubris of the flag is expected from a fanbase that continually celebrate their entitlement. I find it more of an eye opener to see that they celebrate scarves with “Penalty to Rangers” on it.