Careful what you wish for – Win one title then fold like a pack of cards

Dave King’s pack of cards prediction is coming true, just not the way he’d wished…

Manager of Rangers Chairman Dave King before the Betfred Cup Semi Final at Hampden Park on October 22, 2017 (Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images)

Dave King once famously said Celtic would “fold like a pack of cards” if theRangers won just one title. Well Dave you did win one title and it looks like coming true, but not in the way you had hoped with the Best Irish Betting Sites 2024 all strongly predicting another title win for Celtic after the 2-1 win over theRangers last Saturday.

Since dodgy Dave’s bold prediction Celtic have won five trophies including a treble, plus enjoyed the riches of two consecutive champions league campaigns. Our club value has sky rocketed and we have posted record breaking profits.

While over at Ibrox the financial basket case that is theRangers are flirting with more financial ruin as they continue to stay afloat due to generous inside loans.

On the pitch is not that much fun either and last Saturday saw them lose their second Glasgow Derby of the season as they fell further behind the Champions. That defeat incidentally saw them fold like a pack of cards, and all due to a perfectly legitimate refereeing decision. Yes, they are in complete meltdown and are on the brink of imploding.

We’ve watched on for almost a week where there’s been a complete and utter meltdown from their entitled support who are so used to getting ‘the rub of the green’ from Scottish referees and VAR officials. While that’s enjoyable it’s also unsurprising.

What is astonishing though is that their manager and their senior management at Board level have also bought into this nonsense as they chase down Willie Collum for not sending referee Nick Walsh to the VAR monitor to determine whether Alistair Johnston’s handball merited a penalty kick.

There’s zero recognition on their part that in the New Year Glasgow Derby at Ibrox in 2023 Collum did exactly the same thing, failing to notice Conor Goldson’s handball that would have resulted in a penalty to Celtic. The big difference on Saturday was that there was a Rangers offside that would have prevented any spot-kick.

Did Collum make a mistake on Saturday? Almost certainly. Did it deny theRangers a penalty? No, because the offside decision – as shown by the VAR lines – would have prevented any spot-kick.

Did Collum make a mistake on 3 January 2023 at Ibrox? Almost certainly. Did it deny Celtic a penalty? Yes, it did.

So why has there been such a meltdown and why are theRangers folding like a pack of cards?

It’s not down to that one decision though. It’s about the fact they got beat, just when they were all starting to believe they were about to overtake Celtic. They all thought they had the three points in the bag only to be brought crashing back down to earth to face reality. The reality being that Celtic are still the biggest, best and richest side in the country.

Celtic’s pack of cards is still well and truly standing, while theirs has already started to tumble down.

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