Celtic 6-1 Hibs – Why the game finished with boos ringing round the stadium

A splendid day all round, and it just shows how good Celtic can be if we take our chances! The play was of a sparking nature throughout and how delightful it was to see James Forrest taking a fine hat trick! It has been my opinion for some time that James has not been played often enough. I think he is a great Celt, and still has a great deal to contribute to the club.

Celtic v Hibernian –  James Forrest with the matchball after scoring a hat-trick: Saturday October 15, 2022. Photo Steve Welsh

My man of the match however (and it is odd to make man of the match a man who only played half of it!) was Sead Hakšabanović who teamed up brilliantly with Alexandro Bernabei in the first half and produced some devastating football.

But weaknesses there were none, and every man in that team should be proud of himself. It may be that this is just a little too late for Europe this year, but we still have three Scottish competitions that it would be nice to win – and of course Wednesday night in Motherwell is now our focus of attention, because we want to win that League Cup again.

Celtic v Hibernian – Sead Hakšabanović and Josh Campbell battle for the ball during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday October 15, 2022. Photo Steve Welsh

We could of course have scored more goals. There was one which hit the post with a ferocity seldom seen, and there was one that we got in the way of (reminded me of Harald Brattbakk who was often a good defender for the opposition!), and generally speaking, the entertainment was of a consistently high standard.

A shout out for Hibs is not unwarranted either, because their goal was a good one, and unlike some other teams, they did not park the team bus in their penalty box. Their supporters deserve more than they get from the strange people who run that club. Hibs Managers usually last about as long as Tory Chancellors of the Exchequer, but I hope they give that guy a chance.

Celtic v Hibernian – cinch Premiership – Giorgos Giakoumakis left celebrates scoring the second goal with Alexandro Bernabei right during the cinch Premiership match at Celtic Park, Saturday October 15, 2022. Photo Steve Welsh

Not one to criticise referees normally (oh, heavens, no!) I nevertheless thought that Mr McLean was absolutely dreadful, and it can’t really have happened all that often in world football that a game finishes with boos ringing round the stadium from supporters whose team have just won 6-1!

That decision that he gave at the end was quite incredible – but it wasn’t the only crazy one. Not that it matters, however, for a referee is only important when the game is close. If you are 6-1 up, you can live with the odd bad decision. I think it was a man called Stein or somebody who said that!

It was my pleasure to attend this game with some friends from New Zealand. Frankly, they had never seen anything like that! The All Blacks and the Haka etc. pale into insignificance compared to Celtic Park in glory!

David Potter

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  1. Might be better sticking to just football, you wouldn’t want to be called a bigot, would you?

    A football club that was once proud to proclaim, ‘Open to All’, is now in danger of becoming another hate filled institution, with exactly the same values as another hate filled Institution.