Celtic and the rest of the league kept waiting for Whistleblower’s Dossier

I’m sure we’ve all done it at one point – you feel belittled and threatened, so fight back by promising to come back with something that proves you were correct all along.

Obviously the stakes are ramped up when you do that in the national press and have already established yourself as the league’s laughing stock, but the Rangers were promising to expose the SFA.

As reported by The Scotsman, Rangers had indicated that today would see the release of their “dossier of evidence” which was going to show the world how the SFA bullied and coerced clubs in the recent vote about how to end this season.

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It’s fairly unclear why this delay has happened, perhaps they just have so much juicy evidence that they need extra time to work through it all, but there will be no shocks when it turns out to be baseless nonsense.

It’s also worth looking around the world to see how other clubs have reacted in similar situations. Almost every example shows the second placed club prioritising the health of their employees and respecting the situation, but not in Scotland.

Is anyone actually shocked that the Rangers are acting with no class and are trying to use this as a point scoring exercise to distract from their lack of success since being re-formed….?

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