Celtic can organise USA and Ireland Tour but can’t sign a left-back

Dollars before Defenders – USA tour is a good move, but why can’t those in charge be so quick to bolster the player department?

Celtic have teased the supporters by hinting that a tour of the USA is in the pipeline this coming summer. It’s been a while since we toured The States and it will be excellent exposure for the club and no doubt be financially rewarding.

No official announcement has been made yet, buts it’s believed that the pre season trip will include visits to states such as Washington DC and North Carolina with games against some top quality opposition being mentioned. While that is good news for the money men and the supporters in the USA, it yet again raises questions of those in charge.

We had to endure a disappointing January transfer window which left us short on the required quality for our title challenge. No planning was done on recruitment, and it was all very unprofessional, leaving the club with around £70m gathering dust in the PLC’s bank account.

Yet a money spinning tour of the USA was remarkably well put together, and not in a short space of time. This sort of thing will have been months of planning.

It shows the priorities of our club’s leaders. They can carefully and effectively plan something that involves plenty of money coming their way. But try signing a left-back? That’s way beyond their apparent capabilities. It’s all very convenient indeed.

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  1. Convenient is one word for it
    Sabotage is another
    Alarm bells rang for me when our chairman said we had to build a buffer (70m + ) for when we didn’t make CL
    When failing to win the league was the only way that would happen .
    Maybe it’s not personal it’s just business

    • RPM Celticfan on

      I agree , after all the man who makes the major decisions is a serious business mogul with little interest in football .

  2. Why continue going over old ground?
    Believe Rodgers was content enough to keep Hart and Taylor as first choice player’s in there positions for this season?
    Possibly went against what many of our support was hoping for, with such a call for upgrades wanted in there positions?
    Always a tough decision for a manager to make, and wouldn’t condemn Rodgers for that decision taken, no matter how many questionable decisions have been made since?
    As the season has unfolded, it has become far clearer that Rodgers wasn’t to keen on many of the backup options that Ange worked with, especially with so many moved on already and still a few to go yet?
    Squad building was always in the offering this season, especially when squad depth was nowhere near sufficient when Rodgers took over?
    Admittedly it has taken far longer than expected, but still a number of positions to fill with a few decisions to be made upon Paulo and idah?
    I still believe we will be in the market for a better LB than Taylor in the summer imo?
    What no-one knows yet is weather Taylor is prepared to play the bit part role ralston does for ourselves?
    Even if Taylor wanted to move on for regular 1st team football, then potentially monty or frame could be in the reckoning for the backup position?
    So decisions await come the summer, which includes a number of players within squad positions available?
    Still think we will be looking for 2 keepers also, as just failing to see where Bain is going to fit in on the bigger picture?
    Also think OH time with the club is coming to an end also, so who is in the offering for his replacement?
    This current squad is not completed by any means yet, but never was going to be with the amount of work needed within it when Rodgers first took over imo?
    Weather Rodgers remains as the decision maker remains to be seen, regardless some decent work has been undertaken this season in squad depth, even if not completed and taken far longer than expected to start taking shape, moreso than where we were a year ago imo?