Celtic can widen gap before their four day Dingwall and Dens Park challenge

You couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch…

Yesterday theRangers have fired out yet another angry statement, this time aimed at Dundee over the postponement of the re-arranged clash at Dens Park last night.

The game was called off for a second time yesterday afternoon after two inspections at a waterlogged Dens Park. I can kind of see where the Ibrox club are coming from as the state of the Dens Park pitch is not what’s expected of a top flight club and they have every right to vent their anger especially as it effects the ordinary everyday supporter.

But it’s the wording they used to hit out at the Dens Park side that’s caught everyone’s attention. It’s quite amusing in all truthfulness, you really couldn’t mark their necks with a blowtorch.

‘The negligence and unprofessionalism demonstrated by Dundee football club’ was their opening line. Coming from a club that just witnessed their supporters endangering the safety of a rival clubs players and staff on Sunday that’s quite ironic. An act that they have yet to condemn or find the guilty parties and sadly not for the first time.

They then added ‘in a week where record TV viewing figures were recorded for a match in the same competition, and this evenings games due to be televised again by Sky Sports, this episode is deeply embarrassing and has also been eminently avoidable’.

The said game record viewing figures were recorded was the very one that captured their supporters thuggish acts against our players and staff, so to clarify 1.44 million viewers witnessed such. I’m sure that should be deeply embarrassing to the Ibrox club, you can also say that it could have been eminently avoidable.

They then added that they expected the SPFL to take proportionate and decisive action in accordance with its rules and that they would continue to make representations to them in the strongest possible manner. Would that be the same SPFL who have repeatedly ignored their own rules when it comes to handing out any form of punishment to the Ibrox club for the reckless behaviour of their supporters many times over the years?

Maybe the Ibrox club should heed their own advice and take proportionate and decisive action to catch the idiots in their support who continue to threaten the safety of our players and staff.

Maybe if they had not manipulated the scheduling of the re-arranged game to last night as opposed to the first available date – last midweek then the game would already have been played on a night when the pitch at Dens Park was playable.

Dundee FC wanted the game played last midweek as per the SPFL rules but theRangers did not. They wanted a full week to prepare for their big game against Celtic which they were supremely confident about.  And the weaklings at the SPFL sided with the latest Ibrox club by opting for last night.

That decision has come back to bite both the SPFL and theRangers in the backside. Yet it’s Dundee’s fault. The problems that Dundee are having with their pitch were well known ahead of the decision to play that game on the second available date rather than the first.

Dundee v Motherwell, Dens Park – 06 April 2024 Photo Russell Cheyne/Shutterstock

Motherwell were forced to play at Dens Park at the weekend despite the anger of the visitors before and even after the game which they won 3-2. The pitch was apparently in a worse state than last night but was deemed playable. One run for Motherwell and a different one theRangers.

Celtic will now go four points clear with a win over St Mirren on Saturday with theRangers then having to play their double header at Dingwall and Dens Park in four days before we go into the split.

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